The Hole Truth About Pores

May 4
Understand how pores work and what they say about your skin.
Enlarged pores take-up a lot of space in the skincare world. Every other product on the market has it's claims about reducing, minimizing, and unclogging.
Understandably, a lot of people want their facial skin to have a smooth, pore-less quality. Everyone has pores, but those lucky enough to be blessed with tiny pores tend to have flawless looking faces. 
Clogged pores can contribute to blemishes and an enlarged appearance, so it's best to give your skin room to breathe. But between trying to keep our skin moisturized and our pores free and breezy, skincare can be downright confusing!
The problem is, with enlarged pores being such a common problem, there is a lot of inaccurate information out there. 
There are certain genetic realities we have to make peace with when it comes to our looks- but if you're looking to reduce the appearance of your pores and keep your skin clear, there are some things you can do without falling for the promises on a pretty package.
What are Pores?
Before we seek to reduce our pores, we have to understand what pores are, how they function, and what they're doing on our pretty little faces.
Many people use "pores" as a catch-all term for the tiny openings we may see on certain parts of our body, especially our faces. The thing is, there are actually two kinds of pores at work here.
You have sweat pores sprinkled across your entire body to keep you comfortable. They work with the sweat glands to secrete a cooling liquid when you're hot to trot. Some parts of the body have more sweat pores than others- like your hands, feet, underarms, and groin. You don't really have to worry about these pores getting clogged, it doesn't happen often.
Hair follicles, on the other hand, work with your oil glands to deliver oil to your skin's surface. This is an important task because your natural oils serve to nourish your skin. Like sweat pores, you have oil secreting hair follicles over your body, except for your palms and the soles of your feet. These can become clogged very easily, so learning how they function can help you maintain smooth, glowing skin.
How do Pores Become Clogged, and Why does it Matter?
When dead skin gets trapped in your follicles, they become irritated and inflamed. While your pore size is pre-determined by genetics, having clogged pores can stretch them out, causing an enlarged appearance. When a pore is irritated and inflamed, it can lead to:
  • Enlarged appearance of pores.
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Acne
  • Milia (tiny white bumps.)
None of these things are life-threatening of course, but they're a sign that something's up with your skin, and you may need to change up your routine so everything can function properly.
What Ingredients Clog Pores?
Remember, everyone's skin is so different. Your friend may swear by coconut oil, but it's a known comedogenic, meaning it can clog pores and cause blackheads. You need to find a skincare cocktail that's right for you, and that may change with age, or even the seasons.
If you're prone to blemishes, here are a few ingredients that tend to clog pores:
If you're prone to blemishes AND have patches of dry skin, you'll need to embrace spot treatments. For example, a product high in alcohol may do a great job of drying out your pimples, but it's too harsh when used all over your delicate face.
How do I Minimize Pores?
You can't get rid of your pores. And you can't really shrink them, scientifically speaking. Your pore size is determined by a myriad of factors, and those clear-skinned, poreless looking people are, for the most part, lucky.
But just because you didn't hit the genetic jackpot, doesn't mean you can't do your best to minimize the appearance of pores, and keep them clean.
Pore Strips
If blackheads are driving you crazy, pore strips can be a satisfying quick fix. They will pull out the offending blockage, but they don't really get to the root of the problem. There's nothing wrong with a little pore strip action for a night out or a photoshoot, but you'll want to embrace healthy habits to prevent future problems.
Cleanse and Exfoliate
So, we've learned that dead skin can become trapped inside your sweat glands, causing all kinds of irritation and inflammation. This happens more as we get older because cell renewal tends to slow down, but that doesn't mean you can't give your skin a little boost.
Reach for cleansers with small amounts of salicylic or glycolic acids. These will naturally exfoliate that dead layer of skin, and encourage those lazy cells to get to work.
Chemical or "liquid" exfoliants do exist and can be used as a toner. They tend to be mild enough for everyday use, but can be drying- so it may take you a minute to find the right potion for you.
Physical (or manual) exfoliators are products made with grainy materials to scrub away at dead skin. These are effective, but generally too harsh for daily use. 
Grab a manual scrub for an intensive, once a week treatment. Those pores won't know what hit them!
Lotions and Creams
Try to avoid thick face lotions and creams. If you have dry patches, you may want to use small amounts of rich lotion in those areas after cleansing and toning. Otherwise, a light breathable lotion is your best friend.
Hot or Cold- Does Temperature Affect Pores?
There is an idea floating around the beauty industry that heat "opens" pores, while cold "closes" them. This is sort of true, but not really. Your pores are always "open." They will soften up in warm temperatures, which makes it easier to extract blemishes, so gently cleansing your warm skin may be effective for targeting those pores.
Being born with large or small pores doesn't say anything about the amazing person you are, so try not to sweat it when you see a blackhead. Just take deep, calming breaths, reach for your trusty cleanser, and embrace your wonderful natural self.
Best Reviews
same series of the same brand?NECESSARY🙇🏼‍♀️
same series of the same brand?NECESSARY🙇🏼‍♀️
When shampooing hair, the alkaline ingredients in the shampoo will swell the hair, expand the hair scales, and produce rich foam to break down the dirt attached to the hair crevices. After shampooing, the hair will become rough and stiff. The acidic components in the conditioner can neutralize the remaining alkaline components, balance the HP value, and the hair will become soft. But I have been thinking about a question, shampoo and conditioner must be used in a pair? I mean, must it be the same series of the same brand? I recently bought a new set of Bamford products. This is my first time using this brand of hair care products. This brand was born in the UK, and the whole series are made of organic ingredients. The Geranium series I bought also include body oil, hand cream, sleep spray and so on. The smell is a touch of woody fragrance, which I like. Whether it is shampoo or conditioner, it will not feel strange slippery when applied to the hair. Overall, the experience is pretty good. But I decided to separate the same brand’s shampoo and conditioner. I tried BAMFORD's shampoo and KERASTASE repair conditioner. Let me talk about the performance of this mix. 1. Because my scalp is prone to oi, so I care most about is oil control performance. The effect of using the original suit is the same as using the mix product, and the hair starts to have oil after two days. 2. The biggest drawback is that the scent of shampoo and conditioner are inconsistent, causing the hair to product a mixed smell. It's not very comfortable actually. In summary, the main ingredients of the conditioner are the same, and the effects are basically the same. The difference between the non-matching conditioner and the matching conditioner is basically the difference in taste, and will not affect the effect of the product. Therefore, different brands of shampoo and conditioner can also be used, but the matching products will have a better experience in use. bamford - bamford Botanic Shampoo bamford - bamford Botanic Conditioner
☀️Sience says Tinted Sunscreens do it best☀️
☀️Sience says Tinted Sunscreens do it best☀️
Hello beautiful skin + beauty lovers 😊 I love spfs because they are so important to the health of our skin and our whole body☀️ I was excited to try the FIRST AID BEAUTY - Weightless Liquid Mineral SPF 30 because it’s a tinted sunscreen. Regular sunscreen blocks UV rays so that’s still awesome, But visible light is not blocked in this capacity. Visible light has been proven to cause damage to skin just like UV rays. non-tinted sunscreens are formulated to be invisible on skin, and therefore cannot block visible light. Tinted sunscreens are awesome because the added color base in the product is beneficial to blocking visible light because the color remains on your skin, creating yet another layer of protection between your beautiful skin and the sun. Here’s how it works, according to Neera Nathan MD and Dieter Manstein MD for Harvard Publising, “Tinted sunscreens combine broad-spectrum mineral UV filters, like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, with added pigments — pigmentary titanium dioxides and iron oxides — that create the visible, skin-tone color that can reflect away visible light. The colored base of tinted sunscreens is created by mixing different amounts of black, red, and yellow iron oxides with pigmentary titanium dioxide, resulting in a tinted sunscreen that can be matched to any skin tone.” Boom! That’s how it’s done. Who wouldn’t want that extra protection without white cast?! How does FIRST AID BEAUTY - Weightless Liquid Mineral SPF 30 perform? The only issue I have with this is when rubbing it in, it feels grainy and gritty like sand or something. It disappears once all the way rubbed in, but it kind of weirded me out 😛 I was reading a bunch of reviews and some people claimed to feel this as well. I think mine might have been old or something. It is not bothersome enough for me to not want to try it again. I will still use & probably repurchase this. The finish on this product is amazing. I really like it for my combination skin. Once soaked into the skin, this sunscreen became invisible and left a soft sheen/dewiness on my pale skin. It made my skin really soft, too. I would also like to point out there for me the sunscreen didn’t really do much in terms of blurring imperfections on my face. I honestly couldn’t really tell that I had anything on after it was all the way rubbed in, except for a light glow it gave my skin. So if you’re looking for a tinted sunscreen with more coverage I would probably recommend looking at a different product. I also like the ingredients in this, squalane being one of the first few ingredients, working to moisturize and nourish my skin. Do you guys like tinted sunscreen? What kinds do you wear?
Slugging Season
Slugging Season
I have used Vaseline but lately CeraVe - Healing Ointment and I can’t get enough. I apply this as the last step in my skincare routine at night. I do it a few times a week. I recommend adding petroleum to your routine if you: 1. Have dry skin 2. Use actives or ingredients in your skincare that are drying (for me it’s retinol and vitamin c) 3. You need to heal your skin after a skin care treatment or after your feel you have over exfoliated your face Honestly, my skin feels so hydrated and glowy when I wake up. As we approach the colder months, I know I’ll be reaching for this more and more!
Cosrx cotton rounds vs. Shiseido facial cotton🤍
Cosrx cotton rounds vs. Shiseido facial cotton🤍
☁️I ditched drugstore cotton pads a long time ago, I could never consistently find ones that didn’t flake & shred fibers onto my face. I have sensitive eyes & I absolutely hate getting anything stuck in there, I’m sure we all do. I don’t wear makeup much anymore, but having cotton pads that don’t shed or fall apart is so crucial for removing eye makeup! I mostly use cotton pads for my toning step. A good cotton pad will be absorbent, but not too much to be able to dispense your products across your face. 💦Pro Tip: If your cotton pads still look dirty or has traces of makeup after toning, this means your cleansing routine isn’t cutting it. Toning is not meant to further clean your skin after cleansing. Rather, toner meant to help rebalance skin & prepare it for your following hydration/moisture routine. 🚰 Toner is an important for me because I’m not super happy with my tap water quality. If I wouldn’t drink, I’m not thrilled about washing my face with it, but I’m not bougie enough to wash with Évian®😭 SHISEIDO - Facial Cotton $12/165 pads Description from Shiseido: This exclusive Facial Cotton is 100% natural and uniquely manufactured for a consistent soft, smooth texture. Allows for maximum absorption and assists in the application of Shiseido softeners. 165 sheets per pack. My review: I’ve been using these & loving them for years. It seemed like such a splurge to me when I first switched, but such an upgrade, I never looked back. They’re about 7 cents each, so it’s honestly not that bad if you’re sick of buying random cotton pads at Target/Walmart. (I checked prices a few mainstream brands like Equate & Q-Tips, which range from about 2-5 cents per) These are super soft! It doesn’t soak up too much product even though they’re plush, it gives it right back to, making toner an effective & enjoyable experience. I love they have no type of seam or edge, so there’s nothing but soft, fluffy texture☁️ COSRX - Pure 100% Cotton Rounds $12/80 pads Description from Cosrx: Soft, round cotton pad made of wavy patterned 100% cotton to mildly wipe skin without irritation. My review: Every once in a while I forget to add my usual Shiseido facial cotton to a Sephora order, so I decided to try something new in a Soko Glam order. These are double sided, one side is textured, one smooth. Technically these are twice as expensive per pad as Shiseido. Some of you may like the textured side for removing makeup or applying certain products, but I personally didn’t find it as an added plus. It’s not rough, but the smooth side isn’t as soft as Shiseido. They perform fine, but overall I like the softer, plush texture of Shiseido better. Cosrx has little seam edges I don’t care for. Results: Both held up equally well in all my tests. Swipe through the photos. I tried to see how much roughing up they could take & if they would flake or fall apart-they didn’t. Cosrx pads are slightly stronger, but both broke eventually💧
✨The BEST Tarte Shape Tape dupe✨
✨The BEST Tarte Shape Tape dupe✨
Many have tried, but only one can be the winner. I have tried: 1. COLOURPOP - Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Concealer 2. MAYBELLINE - Fit Me Concealer 3. REVOLUTION - Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer And the winner is... REVOLUTION - Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer !!!! The reason I only give it 4 stars is because I wish it were bigger! The product does run out quicker than I would like, but the product itself... *chef’s kiss* The Colourpop concealer gives wonderful coverage and lasts for a good time, which is what earned it 4 stars from me. My problem with this one is that it’s full-coverage to a fault, and almost feels cakey at times! If left on the skin for any amount of time too, it becomes very hard to blend. The Maybelline Fit Me was extremely underwhelming for me... I suppose if you already have perfect skin this could be a match for you, but if you want to conceal anything with your concealer, I’d consider swerving away from this one. The Revolution Conceal & Define trumps the competitors because of its creamy texture, perfect blend-ability, and perfect amount of coverage. When I put this over my freckles, it allows them to still shine through... BUT also when concealing acne and dark spots, it blows the competition out of the water. It is so versatile and can be used for multiple different purposes. I think I’ve found my forever concealer!! P.S. This product is only $7 at Ulta Beauty!!! Run to your nearest Ulta and snatch it up❤️