Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles: Causes and Treatments

Apr. 30, 2020
No one likes to go out with dark circles and puffy eyes. Indeed, so many of us have tried to cover these nuisances with ample makeup. You must have often wondered how to get rid of the dark circles permanently and tried various home remedies for the same. 
There could be several reasons you have dark circles and puffy eyes. Some people have these features inherently, while others can blame it on allergies and stress or texture of their skin. Whatever the cause is, one thing is certain, and that is that everyone wants to get rid of them for a flawless look. 
Causes of dark circles and puffy eyes
So what causes this accumulation of fluid?
Various factors can contribute to the development of puffy eyes. Perhaps you have consumed a large amount of salt. This leads to fluid retention, and thus the area around the eyes swells. Sometimes, allergies cause inflammation and swelling of the area. Sinus problems and dehydration can also be a reason for puffy eyes.
Perhaps one of the most common causes of dry circles and puffy eyes is lack of sleep or fatigue. Inadequate sleep and excessive workload or stress can lead to the development of dark circles. Your eyes also puff up when you cry excessively. 
Ageing can also be a reason for dark circles or puffy eyes. As you age, the fatty tissue protecting the eye inside the eye socket starts pushing forward, filling in spaces below the eye. As you age, the membrane holding back fat in the upper and lower eyelids starts thinning, causing the fat to herniate and push forward. Thus, dark circles and puffy eyes result. 
In some people, puffy eyes are a part of inherited facial features and something that runs in the family. 
Understanding puffy eyes better
You must have noticed that your eyes appear puffy when you wake up. This is because, during sleep, there is no blinking, which causes the eyes to puff up. Blinking is synonymous with exercising for the eyelids. When you have been sitting idle for a long time, you start noticing your lower extremities swelling up, which goes away as soon as you start walking around as circulation resumes. The same happens in eyelids. 
When your eyelids are not blinking during sleep, they can swell due to the accumulation of fluid, which is why you wake up with puffy eyes. When you start blinking on waking up, the puffiness goes away gradually.
Association with a medical condition
The development of swollen eyelids out of nowhere can be a sign of a medical condition. The swelling of eyelids occurs in conditions like thyroid eye disease and eye allergies. 
Histamine is released in the body by cells during an allergic reaction. This chemical causes leakage of fluid from blood vessels owing to which edema develops in surrounding tissues, including the area around the eyes.
Eye infection such as pink eye can also cause swollen and puffy eyes, and it can also happen due to inflammation in dry eye syndrome.
Renal failure and some other systemic diseases can also cause generalized swelling, which is apparent around the eyes as well.
The best ways to deal with dark circles and puffy eyes
You must be wondering how to deal with these dark circles and puffy eyes, so they do not spoil your whole look. The answer lies in identifying the underlying cause.
For instance, if it is an inherited trait, there is not much you can do about it. Your only solution, in this case, might be a cosmetic eyelid surgery so that the puffiness is removed permanently. Cosmetic eyelid surgery might also be a solution for puffy eyes stemming from ageing.
You can consult your cosmetic surgeon or eye doctor regarding the options you have to lessen the puffiness around the eyes. Chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing are some alternatives that you might be given.
If the problem is temporary and is not caused by a medical or genetic condition, you can try some simple measures to reduce it.
For instance, if the cause of the puffiness or dark circle is allergies, you can use eye drops to reduce the irritation. Drinking plenty of fluid prevents dehydration and thus also reduces the chances of developing dark circles.
When you develop swollen eyelids, applying ice can compress them. Applying cucumber slices over closed eyes is also known to reduce the swelling. 
You might want to consider restricting the amount of salt in your diet while incorporating items containing potassium so that the excess fluid can be removed from the body. 
Make sure that you get plenty of sleep and splash cold water on your eyes to soothe them. 
One effective method of getting rid of puffy eyes is using hemorrhoid cream on the skin surrounding the eyes. These creams contain phenylephrine that constricts blood vessels. The constriction of the blood vessels prevents the fluid from leaking and thus reduces puffiness. 
Dark circles can sometimes be caused by dilated blood vessels, and the constriction of vessels will reduce them as well. However, before you apply the cream, you need to be aware of the risks. Make sure that the product does not enter the eyes accidentally, which can trigger a severe inflammatory reaction. You can also seek the opinion of your eye doctor before trying it.
Everyone wants to look their absolute best while heading out. No one wants a weary or run-down appearance, which prompts people to ask if you are doing fine. The first thing you should do is find out the cause of your dark circles and puffy eyes so that you can deal with them accordingly.
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