What Is Dull Skin? 6 Causes & How To Care For It

Apr. 30
Everyone dreams of having a dewy, luminous, and radiant skin. However, maintaining that radiance isn’t always easy. People often experience their skin complexion turning dull, which gives them a tired appearance.
There are plenty of reasons your skin is missing that healthy, radiant glow. If you are worried about your skin looking dull lately, we have your back. From causes to solutions, and tips for prevention, here is everything you should know about dull skin.
What Is Dull Skin?
Dull skin is when your skin doesn’t appear radiant or bright. It may also look flat and lackluster. Dull skin is basically the opposite of healthy, glowing, and youthful skin. Several factors cause the complexion of your skin to go dull.
What Are The Causes Of Dull Skin?
Understanding the causes behind skin dullness is important for treating it. Here are the factors you need to take care of when you have dull skin.
1. Dead Skin Cells
Just like your hair, your skin also sheds cells every day. The shedding is necessary for renewing skin. It makes way for the growth of young and healthy skin cells from the middle layer.  But it can also get in the way of bright and glowing skin. Dead skin cells can accumulate on the top. This leads to dryness, flakiness, and dullness of the skin.
2. Sleep Deprivation
Lack of sleep not only causes dark circles but also leaves your skin feeling dull and dry. Your skin condition is dependent on your sleep cycle. Improper sleep cycle disturbs the connection of your brain and skin.
When you sleep, your body produces the Human Growth Hormone. This hormone plays a role in maintaining radiant and youthful skin. Especially for aging people, this hormone is necessary to delay the signs of aging. Without this hormone, the skin doesn’t repair itself from the daily damage.
While sleeping, your body produces more cortisol and melatonin. Melatonin hormone protects the skin from free radicals that cause damage. Cortisol is released within the last hours of sleep. This drops the temperature of your skin, allowing the muscles to relax and recover.
Lack of sleep slows down repair and renewal of skin cells. This makes the skin appear saggy, dry, and dull.
3. Aging
Aging is one of the major causes of the dullness of skin. As you age, the repair and renewal of skin cells slow down.  Also, the other functions of your skin become less vigorous with time. From toning the skin to retaining its firmness and moisture, your skin doesn’t stay the same.
Blood circulation is what maintains the natural pink tone of your skin. Your blood capillaries diminish, which reduces blood flow beneath your skin.  This is why your skin loses color as you age.
4. Dehydration and Poor Diet 
You are what you eat, and the same applies to your skin. If you don’t want your skin to go dull, you must focus on eating and drinking well. When you drink less water, dehydration becomes visible on your face. Drinking water hydrates and moisturizes your skin cells. It prevents blemishes, lines, and dullness on your face. You should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water to prevent your skin from appearing dull.
Your skin condition is strongly linked with your diet. Your skin requires proper nourishment to maintain its appearance. Due to a lack of essential nutrients, your skin doesn’t actively repair and renew skin cells.  This can lead to dull and tired-looking skin.
Also, eating food rich in fats, preservatives, and salt brings toxins in your body. This leads to depletion of water out of skin cells, which further causes the skin to dehydrate.
5. Environmental Factors
Even if you are maintaining skincare and a proper diet, you can still have dull skin. Several environmental factors are culprits that cause skin dullness. Dirt and sun exposure can strip the moisture from your skin, making it look dry, dull, and rough.
Dry weather, especially arid climate, makes the skin look dry and flakey as it loses its natural glow. Your skin loses moisture naturally in dry weather due to Transepidermal Water Loss.  In this process, water passes through the epidermis and evaporates on the skin surface. 
6. Stress
Many people may not realize it, but stress is also a leading factor for the skin appearing dull. When your body is under stress, it drives blood circulation to the vital organs. However, this increase of blood circulation to organs compromises the adequate blood flow in your skin.
How to Treat a Dull Skin?
There are almost-effortless ways to restore your skin’s brightness. Improving your skincare regime and diet can help you restore your skin’s natural glow. Whether you go for a 10-step Korean skincare routine or a traditional skincare regimen, your grandma taught, make sure that you stay consistent.
You must cleanse, hydrate, and moisturize your skin daily. Moreover, exfoliate your skin twice or thrice a week. Make sure you use a gentle face scrub that doesn’t harm your skin. 
Maintaining a skincare regime is crucial yet not enough to prevent dullness. Make sure your daily fluid intake is proper. Eat healthy foods that are good for your skin. Adding plenty of fruits and vegetables to your diet goes a long way for your skin.
Natural Remedies to Cure Dullness of Skin
Your kitchen is full of natural treasures that you can use to get bright, firm, and toned skin. Several natural remedies are highly effective for dull skin. Though many remedies take time to prove effective, they are literally food for your skin.
Honey is an excellent antibacterial and moisturizing agent for your skin. Apply a mixture of honey and raw milk daily on dull and dry skin.
Gram flour is a natural exfoliator that gently removes dead skin cells. Use it with water or yogurt to make a natural face scrub. 
Using a sugar scrub twice a week can be effective against dull and lackluster skin. Simply mix half a cup of brown sugar with two tablespoons of olive and a tablespoon of honey. Keep the mask on your face for four to five minutes and rinse afterward.
Fighting off dullness from your skin may seem daunting and time-consuming at first, but it is very easy. Make sure you maintain a proper diet, fluid intake, and sleep. Follow a thorough skincare routine that is convenient for you and suits your skin type. You can use plenty of natural remedies to brighten your skin.
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No more uneven texture, dark spots !!! ✅
No more uneven texture, dark spots !!! ✅
best face mask I have ever used. To have that much of a concentration in a formula is out of this world and to be honest with you practically impossible to find these days. Not only is this product incredibly cheap, it actually works. When you aren't adjusted to ahas or BHA products I would advise you to be very cautious with this at first because when you first try it on you might go oh my gosh it stinks so bad and oh my gosh it's hurting my entire face and rinse it off immediately. It's increasing your cell turnover rate all while giving you an incredible glow and baby skin after you wash it off. This contains very powerful actives, that have been proven by science to actually work it isn't some gimmick. I put this on about two to three times a week in the mornings and then I will proceed with either a lactic acid or a glycolic acid or a vitamin C serum I never use all three on the same day you have to separate them otherwise they can mess with one another. I also find this mask to be incredibly awesome because of the color it looks like I'm bathing in the blood of my enemies oh, also I noticed that my products absorb way better after I use this mask. I will use this mask and wash it right off and then immediately proceed with the rest of my routine. I have noticed my skin becoming brighter, hyperpigmentation fading. Basically everything you could ever want in a mask. Leave on for only 10 minutes sometimes I'll leave on for 15, but just take a look of how bright my skin looks! Yes, it might be itchy and irritating at first but that's just because your skin is getting used to it, if it hurts REALLY bad I would slowly start to introduce AHAS and BHAS into your rotation of products. If you aren't comfortable by all means don't buy the product and don't use it. But this has to be my favorite products from the ordinary besides their niacinamide 10% and their Buffet. Today i used my hydrating cleanser, then I went on with this mask for 15 minutes, and then I went straight away to my Ren toner Ready Steady glow daily AHA tonic then I put the alpha arbutin 2% + h a from the ordinary on top. Also Alpha arbutin helps the absorption of ahas things such as lactic acid and glycolic acid , my (toner) is made out of lactic acid and numerous other things. Then I will moisturize with my snail recovery gel by mizon, and last I will put a broad-spectrum chemical moisturizer on that is from Japan. It is the Biore Aqua Essence 50 + PA + + + + if you are using any sort of acids or actives you need to be wearing sunscreen every single day. I have no other BHA products in my skin care rotation, I believe that this gives me enough for my skin to be happy with. I don't really struggle with acne anymore because of my exhausting routine, but hey at least something works out in my life. You can do reverse damage if you neglect that. Happy skin caring! The Ordinary - AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution
💖Creator Roundup 🏷 Cherie Made Me Buy It
💖Creator Roundup 🏷 Cherie Made Me Buy It
Check out these creators profiles for their reviews on the cherie finds! @JadesJourney “I mentioned I was ordering a few of The Ordinary products a couple of weeks ago and Yay! they arrived last Friday. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I purchased three ordinary products because of reviews from fellow creators 🤗 thank you creators, and I’m interested in organic vegan 🌱, cruelty-free products. My haul included…” @HilaryStrano “While I love this app for more than one reason, the biggest reason is how we can learn from one another. I am very open about my struggles with eczema, rosacea, extremely sensitive skin so on one of my posts someone left a comment about adding collagen supplement. So I listened and here's what I found.” @pastelpink_bunny “This mini set is incredible! It contains their five best sellers for all skin types✨” @madihomewood “💔I’m pretty bummed about this eye cream tbh, I was so stoked about the brand (and should mention that I have been liking some of the other products so far) but this one really was a miss for me.”
lily collins 🍷 inspired look
lily collins 🍷 inspired look
Have you guys seen Emily in Paris? I know its stereotypical, unrealistic, and kindofunfairtothefrench but... It was so entertaining. I binged it in 2 days. I also found Emily’s actress, Lily Collins, super pretty. She looks like Snow White in so many makeup looks, so I tried my hand at once. This is what she wore in the 2017 Oscars. Here’s a few tips for how I did this look! 🍷 TIPS 🍷 Start the liner with pencil. And keep it in the outer corner of your eyes. The pencil should emphasize your upper and lower outer corners to frame the wing. I used my PHYSICIANS FORMULA - Eye Boost Gel Eyeliner Trio Avoid felt-tipped liner. Ironically, that’s what I used here. The L'ORÉAL - Infallible Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner IS great quality and value. Its opaque and hasn’t gone bad with on/off use in 2 years. The finish is sort of shiny, and it glides on easy. Buuuut for this look, go for full paint liquid liner. It’ll make the wing more pronounced, and less likely to fray. The felt tip is great, but the ink can run low for this kind of look. Use white + light eyeshadow to emphasize the space. This helps a LOT. It doesn’t look like it at first, but this look has shadow! I used the URBAN DECAY - UD x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palettepalette. Take a color that’s your skin color (but shimmery) and apply it all over your eyelid. (I used the shade Bathwater) Put a MINIMAL amount of brown crease shadow at the outer edge (Anaheim). Do a bright inner corner highlight (Blonde) AAAAAND fill in the space between your black liner (Blonde). It might soften the black liner- No worries, pure liquid liner can easily go over it again. Still, using skin-toned / brighter shadow really makes the black pop! Make your lashes biggest at the center. Guys I had to redo my lashes like 10 times. And I trimmed the ends a LOT. It doesn’t even make it across my entire lid, but that’s okay- To match Lilly Collin’s look, center the lashes. Opt for a frayed look like e.l.f. - Natural Lash Kit so it opens your eyes without hiding the liner. I personally like this lash set and glue. The lashes are a little fragile, but they’re comfortable. And I like that the glue is clear- You can’t see all the places I accidentally got it on my eye. 🤡 Pick a lip color with sheen. Her lips aren’t fully matte in this picture. But I like that- they have a pretty glow. I went for a more berry looking color. The NYX - Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream in Madrid is just as good as the regular matte lip colors. They’re not drying, and they’re super pigmented. And finally, a subtle blush. I found that peach/ amber goes well with this look. Apply it to the apples of your cheek, and avoid the under eyes. This will make the eye area look more open. I used the BOURJOIS - Little Round Pot Blusher in Rose Amber. A little hard to swatch, but pretty and subtle!
I’ve always heard/been told that once you hit 25 you need to start incorporating collagen into your daily routine. Our bodies natural collagen production begins to decline and adding it or collage- boosting products can help to keep plump, wrinkle-free skin. I am under 25 but that doesn’t mean that I can't still benefit from collagen products.  Collagen What is it:  Collagen is a protein found in your body that provides it’s structure including the skin, hair and nails.  Collagen decline: Many factors decline collagen production including: •age (typically after 25) •sugar/refined carbs •excess sun exposure •smoking How to boost collagen production: Fortunately there are many ways to boost collagen production. Including foods, supplements, and skin care. This can either be incorporated directly from the source (collagen) or by the collagen-boosting foods. Collagen foods: •bone broth •egg whites •fish •lean meat •spirulina Collagen-boosting foods: •vitamin C; such as citrus fruits, broccoli  •zinc; such as certain cereals, breads •manganese; such as leafy green vegetables and teas •copper; such as nuts and shellfish Supplemnets: Supplements are an easy way to incorporate collagen into the body. They can be incorporated into foods or drinks making it practical for everyday use. Some forms of supplements include: •gelatin •collagen pills •collagen peptide/protein powders •marine collagen Skincare: If you are using a skincare product this claims to have pure collagen in it, it may not be as beneficial as you’d like it to be. That is because collagen in it’s pure form may be to hard to penetrate through the skin and will leave you with no benefits. When choosing skincare products for collagen, its best to chose products that claim to boost collagen production. These products will contain ingredients mentioned above such as vitamin-c and even retinols.  A product that I use that boosts collagen production with the help of active marine plant extracts is:  ELEMIS - Pro-Collagen Marine Cream — $128 Key Ingredients: •Padina Pavonica: A unique Mediterranean algae with proven outstanding anti-aging benefits (aids in the production of collagen) •Mimosa: An anti-inflammatory, toning and astringent. It has a pleasing, delicate aroma •Rose: A natural fragrance component with nurturing and calming properties -Ulta.com What is it: Hydrating, wrinkle cream that helps firm the skin. How I use: This cream is intended for day use but I find it way to thick to use during the day. I like to use this cream at night as a moisturizer to seal in all of my other creams and serums. I apply all over my face and neck.  Results/Recommendations: Like previously stated, this cream is very thick. I’m prefer lightweight creams over thicker ones. This cream is not irritating and did not cause any side affects for my sensitive skin. However I did not see any dramatic differences for the amount of money the product cost. I feel as if other products work better but I do like that it aids in collagen production. I personally would not repurchase.  If you are worried about wrinkles or are interested in living a healthier lifestyle, I would recommend for you to think about incorporating ways to boost your collagen production. This can either be through quitting bad habits such as smoking, making better food choices, or incorporating collagen supplements/skincare into your daily routine. Lastly, if you are a vegetarian, etc. it is good to know that there are plenty of plant-based options available.  #CheriePartner
pre + post Halloween-Makeup skincare routine
pre + post Halloween-Makeup skincare routine
Hi!! With halloween around the corner and face paints and heavy makeup inevitable, I wanted to share some products that I think would be helpful to making sure your skin stays safe and protected under makeup, and things to do post makeup to minimize irritation and acne. Besides your normal routine, here are some things you can add! Obviously I don’t suggest adding all these things in one day, but if you have some of these and you know they work for you, try it out! My skin type: sensitive, acne-prone, rosacea, combo My skin concern: redness, hyperpigmentation Pre Halloween Skincare: + FARMACY - Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask this is one of my favorite hydrating masks; it has a warming effect and it’s very healing. The antioxidants can protect from free radicals and provide a quick moisture barrier recovery. Use it very lightly and it washes off SO well. Smells a bit like honey. + FARMACY - Deep Sweep this toner is absolutely heavenly, it’s great for preparing your skin for incoming acne and clearing up oily skin and extra sebum. Not a lot of fragrance, which is great. This is perfect for halloween because salicylic acid is a bit photosensitive, but at night time there and under masks there is very little that could go wrong in that sense. + romer - romer Treat this product is fairly new to me, but I am very excited about it. It’s a moisturizer/treatment combo, so you can leave it on or wash it off as a mask. I prefer to leave it on; it’s very soothing and rich, so it hydrates my skin so well. Smells very fresh and also a bit like fruit! It’s made with niacinamide and prickly pear, so it’s nourishing as well as a little clarifying. Post Halloween Skincare: + PLANT APOTHECARY - Not A Spot Acne Treatment Mask you know how you can FEEL acne coming after a long day of wearing makeup or sweating or whatever? This mask is perfect for it! I usually use this as a spot treatment unless my skin is really bad - it can be drying on normal or dry skin. If you’re oily or combo, just use sparingly. It’s a powder so you have to follow the directions and mix it with water (or your favorite serum or essence or toner), I usually just do water, and then it’s like a paste! Not much of a smell, but I do like the gentleness of it. + SNP - Cicaronic Sheet Mask after acne masks or clay masks, I like to follow up with a hydrating sheet mask to soothe and calm my skin. This one is perfect - made with centella asiatica aka cica - and the sheet mask actually fits my face for the first time ever! This will add some hydration back into your skin post acne/clay mask and prep for the rest of your routine. Smells like fresh cut grass!