7 Signs Of Sensitive Skin And How To Treat It

Apr. 30, 2020
There are many triggers you should look for when purchasing and using beauty products. It’s important to keep an eye on your skin and to respond to the signals it’s giving you. When your skin is reacting, whether resulting in dry, itchy skin, rash, or inflammation, you should look for the source of the reaction and focus on prevention instead of covering up an allergy or skin sensitivity with more products that could have that same triggering ingredient.
If you’ve noticed some irritation, etc. on your own skin and are curious whether you may have a skin sensitivity, here are 7 signs of sensitive skin and how to treat it (or cut something out of your beauty routine).
1. Symptoms are sudden
Often they are triggers from common household products that come into contact with your skin. Have you switched laundry detergent or tried a new hand soap and noticed a sudden reaction on your skin? Check the label of the new product and compare it to your usual one, noticing whether there are any new ingredients that may have triggered your reaction. The best course of action here is to quit using the culprit detergent or soap.
2. Skin is red, especially after scratching or coming into contact with moisture.
That redness is one of the most common signals of sensitive skin. Try your best not to scratch as it will cause the irritation to worsen. Instead, remove the trigger and treat it with an oat and honey mixture.
3. Itchy skin itself is often another signal that you have a sensitivity to.
It could be caused by the tickle of the fabric of your shirt against your neck or from seemingly nothing at all. The itch can be prolonged and unbearable at times or an unconscious scratching you don’t notice until you look in the mirror and notice the redness. Try wearing softer fabrics from natural sources such as cotton or bamboo instead of synthetic materials.
4. Your skin burns when applying certain products or being in certain conditions.
Ever stepped into a hot tub and itched so bad your entire body turned red? Have you tried a new eye cream that stings when you rub it on your skin - it’s not a necessary pain of beauty, it’s a sensitivity. If your beauty products of alcohol, hydrochloric acid, or other acids and your skin burns, it’s time to switch something a little gentler.
5. Cold air or extremely hot temperatures make you break out.
The wind and other weather conditions may also affect your skin and cause it to become red or irritated. Although you can’t control the weather, you can be better prepared and dress accordingly. It’s also essential to wear SPF in the summer as well as a moisturizer or some other form of protection from the cold winter air as well.
6. Aluminum and other metal ingredients used in makeup and deodorant cause you to react.
Does your skin get red bumps, flushes, or hive-like reactions after wearing cheap jewelry or metal belt buckles? This redness can lead to itchy, dry, and flaking skin that may take strong creams and other treatments to reverse. Check labels to ensure there aren’t any metals in your products and speak to your dermatologist about specific creams that you can have on hand when things get bad.
7. You have a difficult time fighting acne.
Are a grown adult yet somehow seem to still get those constant breakouts that last forever? Using alcohol and salicylic acid creams will do more harm than good if your skin is sensitive because these products strip the skin from the necessary oils you need for protection. In these situations, speak to an expert to find the right beauty routine that will be gentle on your skin while still treating those pesky pimples.
If you do see any of these signs on your own skin, it’s important to determine whether it is a sensitivity or some other underlying cause such as health issues, eczema, rosacea, and other skin diseases or disorders. If you’re concerned, speak to your health practitioner about possible causes and treatments.
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Baby Yoda likes skincare too 🥰
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DON’T try these at home!
DON’T try these at home!
With so many self- proclaimed beauty gurus in the world today, it’s very easy to get sucked into the DIY trend. Most experts and skincare specialists will tell you these homemade concoctions are not as good as they are made to be. Here are 5 ingredients you should not put on your face and why. 1. Essential Oils- The fragrant portion of plants is what makes essential oils. Modern science has revealed how fragrant oils cause problems for the skin. In the long run components in essential oils can significantly irritate and damage the skin. 2. Lemon Juice 🍋- Lemons are extremely acidic, which will irritate your skin. You can experience excessive redness, dryness, and skin peeling. Using lemons on your skin can cause more damage then benefit to your skin. 3. Coconut Oil- This ingredient causes a lot of debate amongst my followers, but fact is a fact, coconut oil is highly comedogenic. This means that the oil clogs pores on your face. When you apply coconut oil to your face it lays on the surface and is not able to be absorbed into the skin due to its large molecules. It can cause breakouts, blackheads, and whiteheads. 4. Witch Hazel- Here is another debate stirring ingredient. A lot of my patients and followers swear by witch hazel because of its immediate results on absorbing oil on the skin. What they fail to understand that it is not only absorbing the excess oils, but it is also stripping your skin of its natural oils. This can be very damaging to your skin and it’s natural protecting barrier, causing unnatural sensitized and dry skin. 5. Toothpaste- Such a popular trend and so harmful to your skin. Toothpaste contains high levels of baking soda which will mess with your skin’s ph level. This can lead to redness and burning of the skin. Toothpaste is a horrible option for your blemishes and instead I would recommend THE inkey LIST - Succinic Acid Acne Treatment As tempting as it is to try natural remedies at home, do your skin a favor and resort to stabilized and researched ingredients and products.
👀 Share your 🏷 Derm Tips on Cherie
👀 Share your 🏷 Derm Tips on Cherie
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