The Telltale Signs Of Combination Skin And Ultimate Care Tips

Apr. 30, 2020
If you have combination skin, it can be tricky to find products—you may find something that improves dryness only to worsen oiliness or vice versa. 
Understanding more about your skin type can help you manage it and learn what you can do to improve your complexion. 
We discuss the typical signs and potential causes. Finally, we share tips about the ideal skincare routine for combination skin. 
What is Combination Skin?
All skin types are classed according to how much—or how little—sebum your skin produces. This natural oil protects your skin from the elements, and in normal quantities doesn’t cause any trouble. 
Too much sebum means your skin is oily and typically acne-prone, whereas a lack of it usually translates to dryness and irritability. 
Combination skin is when you have both these traits at the same time. 
Causes of Combination Skin
As with other skin woes, the causes can include genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle habits. 
For instance, high alcohol consumption is linked to dry skin. Heavy creams and serums can clog up your pores, encouraging greasy-looking skin. 
4 Signs That You Have Combination Skin
Are you unsure about your skin type? Let’s look at four common attributes of combination skin.
1. Your Skin is Both Oily and Dry
The most obvious sign of combination skin is that it isn’t uniform: your face has oily and dry patches.
Your forehead, nose, and chin (the T-zone) are most vulnerable to looking shiny. These areas are already prone to increased sebum production, and if you have combination skin, they’ll be noticeably oilier. 
While your T-zone might be slick by default, but that won’t be true of the rest of your face. You’re likely to experience dryness on the cheeks, jawline, and near your scalp. 
2. Larger Pores on Your T-Zone
You might also notice that your pores are visibly bigger in the T-zone, as oil can expand them over time. At the same time, any breakouts you experience will almost always be in your T-zone.
3. Seasonal Skin Changes
Changing seasons can impact the way your skin behaves. One problem may normalize while the other gets worse as temperatures fluctuate.
During the hotter summer months, you’re more likely to be plagued by unwanted oil—but little dryness. As the temperature drops, oil tends to be less of an issue, while exposure can aggravate your dry patches.
4. Uneven Makeup A frequent dilemma for those of you with combination skin will be uneven-looking or patchy makeup. While foundations and concealers may hold firm to your dryer areas, that won’t happen on the ultra-oily parts. 
If your carefully-applied foundation is dripping off your forehead and nose by the middle of the day, your complexion is probably a combination of the two types.
Our Guide to Managing Combination Skin
When your skin is in a neverending state of contradiction, coming up with a skincare regiment is tough. How do you treat oily and dry skin together?
Check out our routine for combination skin. We recommend products for each step that should help control oil production and soothe dryness. 
A quality cleanser is an essential weapon to combat oily skin. Dirt and debris can block your pores and give rise to breakouts. Steer clear of certain chemical ingredients that can irritate your dry spots, such as artificial fragrances. 
Choose formulas that strike an equilibrium between hydration and exfoliation—you want a cleanser that you can use day and night. The goal is to get rid of grease while moisturizing, smoothing, and soothing skin.
Our Choice: Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser by Jack Black, $23.00 on Sephora 
Look for lightweight products that are free of ingredients that can cause dryness or promote greasiness, such as alcohol or heavy oils. Ideally, the toner should suit multiple skin types (e.g., oily, normal, dry, etc.).
The best toner for combination skin should also be mildly exfoliating and contain replenishing compounds for moisture.
Our Choice: Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution by The Ordinary, $8.70 on Sephora
You might be reluctant to indulge in a moisturizer, even though your dry skin is likely desperate for it. The trick is finding one that’s lightweight enough not to overwhelm your oily areas.
As with toners, seek out moisturizers that are rated for almost any skin types. Another priority feature is the ability to refine uneven or rough skin texture—such as oversized pores.
Our Choice: The Water Cream by Tatcha, $20.00 on Sephora
Exfoliate Regularly
Both dry and oily combination skin will profit from habitual exfoliation—you can get the gunk out of your pores and clear away dead skin from dry areas.
Effective exfoliants include ingredients such as glycolic acid, which is often used in chemical peels. Ensure that formula includes nourishing ingredients too to prevent irritation. 
Our Choice: 10% Glycolic Acid Face Wash by Touch, $17.95 on Amazon
Use a Multi-Mask
Multi-masking involves using two or more masks to address different issues, which makes it an excellent technique for combination skin. For example, applying a drying clay mask on your T-zone and a moisturizing cream mask on dry areas.
You can search for masks with versatile properties and ingredients. You’ll want one that can restore smoothness, nourish, and de-clog blocked pores. 
Our Choice: Super-Mud Clearing Treatment by Glamglow, $49.40 on Amazon
Don’t Give Up
Establish consistency in your skincare routine for combination skin. If you’re trying a bunch of products intermittently, you won’t get the results you’re after. Build up a collection of oil-fighting, moisturizing products that will work to normalize your skin. 
Remember that rashes, burning, or other painful side effects could warn of an allergy: nix the offender from your regime. 
Find a Balance
Caring for combination skin is anything but straightforward. For that reason, you should opt for formulas that can target both oiliness and dryness simultaneously. Skip products that have extra-harsh ingredients that could result in breakouts.
Do you have a mixed complexion? Share your skincare strategies with us, from your favorite products to your daily regiments!
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Which moisturizer is right for my skin type?
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