Puffy Under Eye Bags And Dark Circles: Causes And Treatments

Apr. 29
Are you tired of everyone telling you that you look tired? Your puffy eyes and dark circles could be to blame. Everyone gets them here and there, especially after a night where sleep doesn’t come easy, but if you see them regularly staring back at you in the mirror, you need to find out the root cause. 
Why Do I Have Puffy Eyes with Dark Circles?
There are a number of things, besides a poor night’s sleep, that can lead you to having an unattractive undereye area. Regardless of the factors that can lead to it, this swelling in the eye area is from excess fluids accumulating in the skin tissues. The undereye area is quite delicate and thin, which means any swelling or discoloration is easier to notice. 
Causes for this pooling of fluids can come from something as simple as having too much salt. You may want to keep a log of what you’re eating to see if that’s the culprit. Additionally, if you have allergies or sinus problems, these can cause swelling from fluid buildup. 
Are you drinking enough water? Dehydration is another known cause for puffy eyes and raccoon eyes. Lack of sleep, stress, and crying tend to follow each other, adding to your undereye woes. 
Other times, it’s something you have no control over like your genetics or the cruel process of aging. In your youth, the undereye has a plump cushion of fatty tissue right in place. But as you age, that tissue pushes forward and sinks below the eyes. The membrane designed to hold it there thins out over the years and causes the tissue to protrude, giving you bags under the eyes and dark circles.
How Can I Correct Undereye Bags and Shadows?
Before you can do anything about your puffy eyes and dark circles, you’ll need to find out what’s causing them. If you’re moving into your 40s and beyond, it’s likely a result of aging. You may also want to look at your parents and grandparents and see if this might be a trait you’ve inherited from your lineage. 
Of course, if you have been staying up late every night and rising early to head to work or class, the likely culprit is a lack of proper restful sleep. The body is designed to replenish itself during sleeping hours. That’s why it’s nicknamed “beauty sleep.” Start from there by going to sleep earlier and see if that remedies your undereye baggage.
Next up, take a closer look at what you’re eating and drinking. If you’re not drinking enough water, you should enforce this habit. Bring a refillable bottle with you everywhere and make a point of sipping it often. Add a slice of lemon or other citrus fruit for more antioxidants and vitamin C to really give your body a boost of health from the inside out.
Food can be trickier since we often don’t realize we’re consuming more sodium than we need. Making your own food at home can help you control the amount of salt you’re getting. However, the foods you eat need to be fresh and pure. Relying on processed foods from your pantry is a salt-riddled trap many people fall into. Keep a journal of what you eat and track your salt intake. When you keep tabs on it, you may just find too much salt and a lack of hydration were to blame for your puffy eyes. 
When lifestyle changes for the better don’t resolve dark circles and puffiness, it’s time to make an appointment with your doctor for a checkup. You’ll want to rule out any underlying conditions. It’s very common for those with Graves’ disease to have swelling around the eyes. It’s an autoimmune disorder caused by troubles with the thyroid gland. Other organs problems, like with your kidneys, can also lead to dark circles and puffy eyes so it’s important to have a medical diagnosis to get back in good health. 
Allergies are far more common though. They can develop at any point in your life, making you prone to reactions to particular foods or environmental factors. When you have an allergic reaction, your body releases histamines. These can create that puffiness, particularly in the undereye area.  
Treating Your Undereye Area for Puffiness and Dark Circles
If you don’t have a medical condition, you can try a few remedies at home to help you soothe the appearance of your tired, puffy eyes. 
Some quick tricks include:
Speaking of creams, you can find plenty of beauty brands to help you soothe puffy eyes and brighten them up. Others find success with hemorrhoid creams though great care must be taken with these as they can inflame the entire eye if you get any inside of it.
If your eyelids are really sagging, one of the only ways you’ll be able to correct it is through cosmetic eyelid surgery. Consulting with a board licensed plastic surgeon can help you determine if you’re a candidate.
Perhaps you’re not quite at that state of needing surgery to correct your eye area. You may find a better alternative through non-invasive means like fillers. Experts at The Aesthetic Society recommend Restylane and Juvederm though everyone has a unique situation. You should arrange a consultation to see what is recommended for you. Chemical peels and laser resurfacing are other options that can ease the look of undereye drama and help you keep up a more youthful appearance. 
The bottom line is that you have plenty of options for restoring your undereye area. The first step is making sure it’s not reflective of your internal health before choosing one of these methods to tighten and brighten things up!
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