Sensitive Skin 101: How To Treat And Relieve

Apr. 28
If you’re curious about your sensitive skin, you should know first the types of sensitive skin and how you can treat it. Learn the dos and don’ts of having sensitive skin. 
If your skin reacts badly to skin products, weather, and temperature, in the form of rashes, bumps, and redness, then you know you probably have sensitive skin. That’s because sensitive skin is the result of the nerve endings in the top layer of skin being irritated by triggers. The skin’s natural barrier breaks down. 
Knowing that your skin is sensitive to certain chemicals or elements is an important part. However, did you know that there are different types of skin sensitivities? Let’s go over them and find out which skin-care ingredients you should avoid as well as which ingredients are safe for those with sensitive skin. 
Are There Different Types of Sensitivity?
Sure, sensitive skin is annoying and uncomfortable to have. However, it could get worse: you could have an underlying skin condition like rosacea or eczema, or you could have an allergic reaction. 
There are varying skin types, but did you know that there are different types of skin sensitivities?
One person may be affected by their environment like their cold climate, and some may only react to certain skin products. 
The four main types of skin sensitivity are: 
Environmentally Sensitive Skin: This is a type of skin sensitivity that is triggered by the environment you’re in. This might include sun exposure or air pollution. Or, you could be triggered if there is a lot of cigarette smoke in your environment. Whatever bad air environment your skin comes into contact with, you are more prone to react to it. 
Naturally Sensitive Skin: People who have usually sensitive skin often have genetic skin sensitivity and may have a risk of inflammatory skin problems such as rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema. These skin conditions often come with age and out of the blue. Be sure to confirm with your doctor if you have any of these conditions. 
Reactive Skin: This is the type of skin sensitivity that comes from being exposed to an irritant, causing red and inflamed irritated skin. You may see papules or pustules in the area that became irritated by the product. 
Thin Skin: This skin sensitivity often comes with age as the skin naturally thins out, which makes it easier to become irritated. 
Which Skin-Care Ingredients Should Sensitive Skin Avoid?
There are many different degrees of skin sensitivity, as well as causes associated with skin sensitivity. Though you should always consult with a dermatologist to figure out what kind of skin sensitivity type you fall under, you might want to consider avoiding skin products with fragrances and dyes. 
You may also need to change your laundry detergent. A heavily scented detergent may cause your skin to react with a rash or itchiness. Look for detergents that have formulas noted for those with sensitive skin. 
Make sure you find products that do not contain sulfates, exfoliants such as glycolic or salicylic acid, retinoids, or creams with many unfamiliar ingredients. And when you are applying these skin products, do not scrub or rub as washing too often or too deep may irritate your skin or cause it to dry out. 
Which Ingredients Should Sensitive Skin Use Then?
Sensitive skin-friendly ingredients should nourish as well as maintain your skin barriers. Look for products made with glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter. These ingredients, humectants, and emollients, specifically draw in and seal in moisture. Fatty acids and ceramides help replenish your lipid bilayer of your skin. 
As far as makeup products are concerned, try products that will not trigger irritation, such as mineral makeup and silicone-based foundations. Try to go for cosmetics with a short ingredients list. Avoid waterproof cosmetics as you may need a unique cleanser to remove them, which may include harsh chemicals. Also, try to avoid liquid eyeliners that contain latex, a known allergy-causing ingredient. Opt for pencil eyeliners instead. Throw away cosmetics that may have exceeded their expiration date. 
If Skin Problems Persist, See a Dermatologist
By now, hopefully, you’ve identified the type of skin sensitivity you are prone to and what the proper solutions are for your skin sensitivity. Remember always to remove products from your skin with cold water if you see it to be a trigger. 
If you find your skin generally uncomfortable and your problems become severe, it is always a good idea to see your doctor or a dermatologist so they can get to the bottom of your skin sensitivities. The doctor will be able to do tests to determine which ingredients are to be avoided. They will also educate you on how to care for your specific sensitive skin.
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Skincare Trends of 2020: Yass 👍 or Pass 👎?
Skincare Trends of 2020: Yass 👍 or Pass 👎?
Hey there! There have been numerous skincare trends that have been going viral this year. Although just because it’s trendy, doesn’t mean it’s effective. ☆ ANTI-POLLUTION If you live in a city, you’re likely exposed to all types of pollution such as free radicals, UV exhaust fumes and even blue light screens are part of the problem (source: HuffPost). I live in San Francisco, CA and definitely deal with the issues mentioned above especially pre-covid. Studies have shown that those who live in larger cities age faster than their suburban counterparts and there is a correlation between air pollution and suffering from skin problems. DE’s D-bronzi and c-firma claim to fight against these issues. •C-Firma contains 15% l-absorbing acid and 1% Vitamin E which create a hardworking complex that help neutralize pollution and environmental stressors (source: byrdie). This product is one of my HG and I use this religiously. I have seen improvements regarding scars and hyperpigmentation and I think the anti-pollution effect is just a bonus •D-Bronzi contains raw cocoa powder which mimic the antioxidant benefits of vitamin D without the damaging effects of UV rays. I am not convinced this will do more than your typical tinted moisturizer with skincare ingredients. However I do love this product especially during the summer time. This also help me darken my foundation needed. • I love how my favorite skincare products contain anti-pollution protection, but I’m not convinced simply because there hasn’t been enough research. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy products specifically for anti-pollution purposes. ☆ANTI BLUE LIGHT •My tinted sunscreen from Elta MD contains ingredients that can potentially protect the skin from blue light damage. •I honestly don’t agree with the anti- blue light hype. Research show that dermatologists are not fully convinced that blue light protection products will do more than a mineral sunscreen with a strong dose of iron oxide. ☆ NIACINAMIDE + HYALURONIC ACID •Both of elta and supergoop sunscreens I own contain Niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. •HA has been proven to plump, moisturize the skin and niacinamide has a ton of benefits to the skin. It strengthens the skin’s barrier allowing it to hold moisture better for prolong hydration •I am on board with the HA and niacinamide trend. Research shows that both of these ingredients are beneficial to the skin. Long story short, I am not on board with anti-pollution and anti- blue light skincare products simply because not enough research has been done. However, skincare products that contain hyaluronic acid and niacinamide is a different story! I believe those two ingredients are definitely worth the hype! If you made it this far, congratulations because I know that was a lot. Thank you for reading :) Francesca 💋 #CheriePartner
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Join the trending topic 🏷 Cherie Made Me Buy It
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Hair Growth Remedies You Need To Know
Hair Growth Remedies You Need To Know
We all crave long luscious locks, right? I know I do. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with Rapunzel-like hair. Hair growth depends on several factors, including diet, environment, and genetic history. However, some remedies can help keep strands healthy, ultimately allowing them to grow long and strong.   I’m sharing my favorite hair growth hacks that I swear by.   About My Hair: I personally have very dry, long, curly hair. I tend to get a lot of breakage because of heat styling and occasional chemical treatments (highlights). My biggest hair concern is keeping my hair and scalp healthy.   My Go-To Hair Growth Products:   Biotin: I take 1 biotin pill every day. While this may not be suitable for all (always ask your doctor first), I did get an OK from my doctor to take them. I do think they really make a difference. I’ve tried a bunch of biotin brands before, and these seem to work best for my hair. Plus, they're pretty inexpensive. You get a 3-month supply for under $20. These are made with coconut oil as well, which helps keep hair hydrated.   Briogeo - Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager Scalp Massager: Healthy hair starts at the scalp! Once I learned that I’ve never looked back. I use my scalp massager by Briogeo around 2-4 times per week to give my scalp some much-needed love! Massaging the scalp helps improve blood and circulation. When you have increased blood flow, the hair follicles are getting more nutrition. This specific massager from Briogeo was just under $20. Every time I use this, my hair and head feel incredible after.   Hair Growth Tips: #1. Don’t use too much heat. Take it from me. I have scorched my hair so many times. #2. Eat a lot of protein. #3. Don’t over brush wet hair. I only use a wide-tooth comb on my hair when it’s wet.