Top 4 Causes Of Dry Skin and How To Treat It

Apr. 27, 2020
Embarrassed of your dry skin face? Here are top 4 causes of dry skin and their treatment.
When it comes to skin problems, dry skin is said to be the most frustrating and embarrassing problem, and for a very good reason. Even if you’re fully awake and active, your dry skin face will make you look dull and tired. The most frustrating thing about this problem is that many things can cause it, and you can’t easily pinpoint the exact reason for your dry skin. 
So today, we’ll talk about symptoms of dry skin, its most common causes and how you can easily fix this problem at home. 
Symptoms of dry skin
Most people get a dry skin problem in winter only, but for some people, it can be a lifelong problem. Symptoms of dry skin depend on a lot of elements like where you live, do you spend most time indoor or outdoor, age factor, and your nutrient intake.
You have dry skin if you can relate to any of the following points:
  • Rough and dull-looking skin
  • Skin tightness after shower
  • Sever itchiness 
  • Cracks or fine lines
  • Grayish skin
  • Getting scratches even on slight contact
Following are some severe symptoms of dry skin:
  • Bleeding from deep cracks
  • Itching during sleep
  • Infections from scratching
  • Skin turning red
  • Skin flaking and peeling
Areas most likely to show skin cracking and flaking are elbows, ankles, heels of your feet, knees and nose. If you are experiencing any of these vere symptoms, then you need to visit a dermatologist as soon as possible.
Causes of dry skin
There are lots of elements that can be the reason behind your dry and rough skin. Following are some common causes of dry skin:
1. Environmental and weather condition
The environment in which you live plays an important role in the condition of your skin. If you’re living at an extremely cold place, then it’s only natural for you to have dry skin due to less moisture in the air.  Similarly, if you spend most of your day outdoor under the sun, then too much exposure to UV rays can also cause your skin to lose its moisture.
2. Genetics
Children not only get their parents' look and other traits, but they also inherit the diseases their parents have. If the dry skin problem is in your family, then you can’t escape it as it is in your DNA. You can, however, control this problem by using the remedies which we have later explained in this article.  
3. Medications
Your dry skin face can be a side effect from high potency medication that you are taking. There are some medicines for acne and certain type of cholesterol, which can cause dry skin and redness. If you feel any severe symptoms of dry skin after using any prescribed medication then it’s best to consult your doctor. 
4. Beauty products 
Some beauty products might leave you feeling itchy and irritated. Chemicals in beauty products can react with your skin quickly and cause make your skin severely dry.  To avoid this situation, you need to look for beauty products that are specifically made for dry skin.
How to avoid and fix the dry skin problem?
As we discussed earlier, the environment plays a very important role in the condition of your skin, which means you can easily avoid dry skin problems by using nourishing cream in winter and applying sunscreen in the summer. But unfortunately, if you are already suffering from dry skin face problems, here are some of the best tips suggested by dermatologists to fix this problem.  
1. Use moisturizer after a shower
It's absolutely necessary for people with dry skin to apply a good moisturizer after taking a shower. Your skin cells expand when they stay in contact with water for some time, which gives them a good time to absorb moisture. That’s why it’s recommended by dermatologists to apply moisturizer as soon as you come out of the shower.
2. Minimize contact with water
If you’re suffering from dry skin face problem then it’s best to spend less time in shower. The more you stay in contact with water, the rougher your skin will become. Also, always shower using mildly warm water, hot water can worsen the symptoms and make you more itchy. 
3. Oatmeal bath helps
If you’re really sick of itching and scratching your dry skin then it’s just the right treatment for you. Oatmeal contains antioxidants which are quite helpful in a lot of skin disorders. Just sprinkle some oatmeal powder in your bathtub and soak for about 15 minutes. Oatmeal releases beta-glucans in water which soothe dry skin and reduce itching. 
4. Add moisture to your surrounding
If you’re living in an excessively dry area, you should definitely try using a humidifier to maintain the humidity in air. A dry environment can cause your skin to lose moisture which results in skin cracks. Using a humidifier is recommended by dermatologists as it soothes cracks in dry skin and relives itching. 
5. Use supplements for essential fatty acids
Essential fatty acids are responsible for keeping our skin healthy and bright. Using oils like fish oil and flaxseed oil which are enriched with essential fatty acids will keep your moisturized, smooth and flat.  
6. Use glycerin based lotions
Using lotions with glycerin helps a lot in keeping the skin moisturized all the time. Glycerin issuper hydrating, and it’s highly recommended to add glycerin containing lotion in your skincare routine. It draws water from the air and provides it to the skin; it forms a protective layer that reduces moisture loss.
Symptoms of dry skin can be slight in the beginning, and it’s better to take care of them before they become serious. Even if you have genetically dry skin, you can control the symptoms by keeping your skin nourished and properly moisturized. In case the symptoms worsen even after using all the above methods, then you should visit your doctor.
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