Severe Dry Skin: Causes, Symptoms & Dermatologist Treatment Tips

Apr. 27, 2020
Let’s talk about severely dry skin treatment recommended by dermatologists. 
If you’re feeling unusual tightness and roughness in your skin, then it’s a clear sign that you have dry skin. In dermatology, it is defined as a skin condition which is caused due to lack of the right amount of water in the epidermis layer. As we age, the amount of skin oils and lubricants diminishes in us, which leads to dry skin problems. Most people get dry skin inspecific weather conditions, and it is easily curable. But, if it you notice symptoms of severely dry skin, then it’s important to visit a dermatologist ASAP.
Today we’ll talk about symptoms of causes of dry skin, its causes, and dry skin treatment recommended by dermatologists.
Causes of severe dry skin
There are lots of elements that can be the reason behind your dry and rough skin. Following are some common causes of dry skin:
1. Environmental conditions
Your environment plays a major role in determining your skin condition. Living in an extremely cold area will lead to dry skin which is pretty obvious since cold areas have less moisture content in air. Similarly, living in an extremely hot area will make your skin lose all the water from epidermis layer through evaporation. If you spend most of your time outside under the sun, you’ll lose a lot of water due to UV rays exposure which will result in dry skin condition. 
2. Inherited disease
If your parents have dry skin then it’s highly likely that you’ll have it too since it runs in the blood. You can’t escape a disease which is in your family but you can certainly control since you already know about it. In most cases, genetically inherited dry skin problems are not very severe and are easily treatable. 
3. Medications
Medicines with high potency generate a lot heat in body which sometimes results in person getting dry skin problem. It is shown that medications for acne and a certain type of cholesterol, cause dry skin problem and skin redness. If you notice any symptoms of severe dry skin after using a prescribed medicine then consult your doctor immediately.
4. Unsafe beauty products 
Using beauty products with extremely powerful compounds may cause itching and skin redness. Our skin is sensitive towards certain chemical compounds and shows sudden symptoms if it comes in contact with them. That’s why it is recommended to always research about product before buying it.  
Symptoms of severely dry skin
Most people get a dry skin problem in winter only, but for some people, it can be a lifelong problem. Symptoms of dry skin depend on a lot of elements like where you live, do you spend most time indoor or outdoor, age factor, and your nutrient intake.
Weather conditions trigger the dry skin problem for most people but unfortunately there are people who deal with this problem all year. There are a number of different elements on which a person’s skin condition depends like one’s environment, age, water consumption, job type, routine etc. 
You can tell you have a dry skin if you can relate to any of the following points:
  • Roughness in skin
  • Feeling tightness in skin after shower
  • Itchiness all over the body
  • Cracks in skin
  • Turning skin to grayish color
  • Scratches even on minimal contact
Severely dry skin shows following symptoms: 
  • Blood coming out from deep cracks
  • Severe itching while sleeping
  • Infected scratch wounds
  • Red skin
  • Peeling and flaking of skin
Body areas most prone to showing signs of dry skin are ankles, heels, elbows, knees etc. Severe symptoms require serious medical attention and it’s important to visit a good dermatologist if you notice any of the severe symptoms.  
Dry skin treatment recommended by dermatologists
As we discussed earlier, the environment plays a very important role in the condition of your skin, which means you can easily avoid dry skin problems by using nourishing cream in winter and applying sunscreen in the summer. But unfortunately, if you are already suffering from dry skin face problems, here are some of the best tips suggested by dermatologists to fix this problem.
1. Try using a humidifier
If you’re living in an excessively dry area, you should definitely try using a humidifier to maintain the humidity in air. A dry environment can cause your skin to lose moisture which results in skin cracks. Using a humidifier is recommended by dermatologists as it soothes cracks in dry ski nand relives itching. 
2. Less contact with water
If you’re suffering from dry skin face problem then it’s best to spend less time in shower. The more you stay in contact with water, the rougher your skin will become. Also, always shower using mildly warm water, hot wate rcan worsen the symptoms and make you more itchy. 
3. Essential fatty acid supplements
Essential fatty acids are responsible for keeping our skin healthy and bright. Using oils like fish oil and flaxseed oil which are enriched with essential fatty acids will keep your moisturized, smooth and flat. 
4. Glycerin 
Using lotions with glycerin helps a lot in keeping the skin moisturized all the time.  Glycerin issuper hydrating, and it’s highly recommended to add glycerin containing lotion in your skincare routine. It draws water from the air and provides it to the skin; it forms a protective layer that reduces moisture loss.
5. Always use moisturizer after a shower
It's absolutely necessary for people with dry skin to apply a good moisturizer after taking a shower. Your skin cells expand when they stay incontact with water for some time, which gives them a good time to absorb moisture. That’s why it’s recommended by dermatologists to apply moisturizer as soon as you come out of the shower.
6. Try an oatmeal bath to soothe itching
If you’re really sick of itching and scratching your dry skin then it’s just the right treatment for you. Oatmeal contains antioxidants which are quite helpful in a lot of skin disorders. Just sprinkle some oatmeal powder in your bathtub and soak for about 15 minutes. Oatmeal releases beta-glucans in water which soothe dry skin and reduce itching. 
Dry skin problems can be extremely painful and embarrassing, but it can be treated. Don’t worry if it runs in your blood, you can always treat it with the dry skin treatment we discussed. Always use a sunscreen when you go outside and never forget to apply lotion and other moisturizing products in winter. If you see any of the severely dry skin symptoms, then consult your dermatologist ASAP to avoid any further complications.
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