A Professional Vs. My Mom On Removing My Dead SkinLearn about the roots of Korean scrubs and my personal experience growing up with this tradition.
Jan. 27
Cherie is an online community of beauty lovers sharing their stories; whether that's their favorite products, makeup tutorials, or skincare routines. Download the app today to be a part of #BeautyWithoutBarriers and show the world what beauty means to you! Happy Lunar New Year! Celebrated in many countries around the world, Lunar New Year is a time to bring in new prosperity and luck for the upcoming year. While the beginning of the year is always a fresh start, this years is especially so because it's the beginning of a new decade, and, the Year of The Rat, which is the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac. To honor this celebration, we're highlighting beauty traditions from countries that celebrate this beautiful holiday. In this post, Cherie team member Jenny Kim shares her experience growing up getting Korean body scrubs from her mother, and how different it is from a professional. All The K-ThingsWe're living in the era of South Korean culture populating our interests; whether that's K-beauty, K-pop, or K-dramas, there's so much cultural goodness coming out of South Korea! When it comes to beauty and wellness, we like to look at what's happening in the East to be inspired, and though there are a lot of innovative beauty products and practices coming out of South Korea, there's also deep-rooted traditions that have defined Korean beauty for years. The 101 On Korean Spas and ScrubsBy now, you may have heard of the famous Korean body scrub. If you haven't listen up; it's a fool-proof way to get soft skin (read: a really intense body scrub!). This scrub is unlike any other—you lay fully naked on a plastic bed and get scrubbed into oblivion with a traditional Korean spa mitt and soap. There are no boundaries, and the scrub is rough... but trust me, the results are worth it. Before you receive a Korean body scrub, it's encouraged to spend some time in the Jimjilbang, which roughly translates into heat room. Each room varies in temperature and health properties, like the Himalayan salt room that claims to help relieve tension, decrease blood pressure, and detoxify the body.
More Than A Spa, Jimjilbangs Are Bonding ExperiencesI grew up with a personal K-scrubber at my disposal—my mom! Being Korean, it was already part of our family dynamic to be scrubbed by our parents and to visit Jimjilbangs as a family. Korean spas started out of necessity; old homes in Korea didn't have bathrooms, so families would visit the Jimjilbangs twice a week to bathe. It became a bonding experience; fathers scrubbing sons, mothers scrubbing daughters, neighbors gossiping, and so on. Fast-forward to modern day Korea and Jimjilbangs are even more important within Korean culture. In South Korea, you can find most Jimjilbangs open for 24 hrs, frequented by groups of friends and families alike, just simply hanging out. You can eat there, sleep overnight, watch T.V., bathe, get a massage... The list goes on!
Clear Mind, Clear Soul; The Benefits Of A Korean ScrubThough I grew up essentially getting a Korean scrub from my mom everyday, there is a difference when going to a professional! For one, they have the time. The scrub itself is 30 minutes... that's right, they will scrub and scrub for 30 minutes straight! They also have a heavy hand, so don't expect a relaxing experience! Unless you're like me, and seeing all your dead skin pile up around you feels oddly satisfying and clears your mind. They are incredibly thorough and don't miss a single inch of your skin. Also, you can add on a full-body massage right after your scrub (def can't get that at home!). I also really enjoyed the addition of fresh cucumber slices on my face while they worked on my body (hello youthful skin all around!!). I also brought my mom with me, so that added to my experience feeling more like a bonding moment for us. After ending the scrub, my skin was baby soft, and I was sooo relaxed and happy. Hugely recommended for anyone who wants to experience Korean culture, and a beautifying experience—as long as your OK with being naked!
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