How This Beauty Illustrator Uses Social Media To Fuel Her PassionsMeet the beauty illustrator who learned that there's so much more to beauty than products and potions.
Jan. 21
Cherie is an online community of beauty lovers sharing their stories; whether that's their favorite products, makeup tutorials, or skincare routines. Download the app today to be a part of #BeautyWithoutBarriers and show the world what beauty means to you! Cherie Profiles: @SerumSearchAt Cherie, we believe that beauty should be defined by you. In our Cherie Profiles series, we will spotlight a different Cherie user and share their beauty story.
Social media can draw a mixed bag of emotions, depending who you ask. You hear the same narrative; that social media can be detrimental to your mental health and actual social life. Like too much of any good thing, excess hours spent on social apps can affect your perception of reality. But, social media can also be used for so much good. The key difference? Moderation and community. In our first Cherie Profile, we talked to Sona, aka @SerumSearch, who uses her social media profile as a place to fuel her passion for art, and how the online skincare community has helped her redefine what beauty means to her. On starting her skincare account"I simply wanted to learn more about my skin. From what would be good for my skin, which ingredients to avoid, and so on. When I started my account, I didn't feel like photographs were my thing, and I didn't really want to pose in my own pictures, but I knew that I wanted to start sharing my opinions. I always loved drawing as a kid, and so it was natural that my skincare account became centered around illustrations. Using social media reignited my passion for illustrating, and getting noticed by brands like Algenist inspired me to keep going."On why people love illustrations"I've learned in the skincare community that people love what's unique. Whether that's individual stories, different realities, people like seeing what's personal. I think that's why they like illustrations—they feel unique and they feel like me. I put a lot of effort into my illustrations and it shows; you can really see me and my personality in each illustration."
On how she defines beauty "I used to be into clear skin and perfect brows and thought that things like that defined beauty, but as I learned from the skincare community, being vulnerable and speaking up is what I think is beautiful now. Human nature is beautiful. I find it beautiful when people open up and speak honestly!"On her hopes for the beauty world and social media"I'm thankful to the beauty community for giving me a reason to create art again, and for teaching me so much about skincare, self-care and true beauty. I'm very excited for the decade ahead of us. I think the era of mass produced, unsustainably sourced beauty is over. I believe 2020 is the year of brands with morals that care about their customers, and consumers that keep them accountable."
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