Beauty Zodiac: What Every Sign Deserves This Year2020 is your year, and we think you deserve *drumroll please*... great skin!
Jan. 14
Cherie is an online community of beauty lovers sharing their stories; whether that's their favorite products, makeup tutorials, or skincare routines. Download the app today to be a part of #BeautyWithoutBarriers and show the world what beauty means to you! Happy new year to every star sign! It's 2020, and Cherie has one wish for you—that you get all the great things in life you deserve. There are a lot of big feelings for this new decade (#2020Vision, anyone?), which is why we gathered a list of what every sign deserves this year, paired with the beauty product to help them achieve it, of course! Capricorn - You Deserve... NO STRESSWe love a fierce Capricorn. We can always count on you to inspire us to go for our dreams and be active in our will to meet our goals! If anyone is going to achieve their new year's resolutions, it's going to be Capricorn. For 2020, you deserve no stress. Make your last hours of the day your sanctuary—create a ritual that will help you de-stress from the day and prepare you for the one ahead. Reach for Derma E's Skin De-Stress Calming CBD Moisturizer to help you achieve zen. Hemp seed oil, aloe vera, and CBD help you get your much-deserved rest. Plus, Derma E has an entire de-stress line, including a cleanser and serum, if you want to zen out even further. Aquarius - You Deserve... LOVEOh Aquarius, the independent, effervescent, and not-so-romantic sign. Aquarians are known to have large social circles, but not very intimate ones. And though we know you love your alone time, we think you deserve love this year! Get out there and get to know people on a deeper level; you might like what you see! To prepare you for love coming your way, reach for Tatcha's The Kissu Lip Mask. Made with Japanese peach, this lip mask will help plump your lips and make them soft to the touch, so pucker up! Pisces - You Deserve... A SOCIAL LIFE We love how in-tune you are with your emotions, and your empathetic ways make you a great friend. We also know that being in tune with your feelings can make you naturally want to take time for yourself, which is essential, but we also think you deserve a great social life this year! Make room for fun in your life this year by stepping out and getting your dance on. Put on your favorite gloss, like Kosas' Wet Lip Oil, and get to steppin'. Aries - You Deserve... ETERNAL YOUTHNo one's got the fire you do, Aries! You may have a rep for being an energizer bunny, but that's no excuse to push yourself beyond rest. Though we think you deserve eternal youth, we know it's not a possibility in this world. The next best thing? Great anti-aging skincare products. Combat any signs of fatigue and aging with Peace Out's Anti Wrinkle Retinol Patches. They're so simple to use—just stick 'em over a wrinkle and the retinol goes to work to help smooth out fine lines. So maybe eternal youth is possible! Taurus - You Deserve... GOOD VIBES ONLYOne of the most indulgent signs in the zodiac, Taureans love all things beauty and relaxation. They are also known to be stubborn and stuck-in-their-ways, which has a tendency to attract negative energy because of its unyielding energy. So, for 2020, we think you deserve all the good vibes. Bring some good, open energy in your life by redirecting your unyielding energy—be unyielding in expecting the greatest year possible, instead of being stubborn in an overly-specific idea. When it comes to your self care, energize your skin with Dr. Jart + Peptidin Firming Serum with Energy Peptides. The eight-peptide complex livens dull skin, bringing radiance to low-energy complexions. Gemini - You Deserve... SUMMER FUNTo our chatty Cathy's otherwise known as Gemini's... You deserve summer fun this year. Being born in the summer, it's only right that you claim your season as the best one yet; let this 2020 summer be the summer of Gemini's! We can all learn from your playful energy, you are the original social butterfly, after all! Since summer is still a ways ahead, bring some of that sunshine and joy into your life right now with Sol de Janeiro's new Joia Shampoo & Conditioner. Scented with Sol de Janeiro's iconic pistachio and salted caramel scent, this hair duo strengthens and repairs your hair, setting you up perfectly for the summer fun ahead. Cancer - You Deserve... Rest & RelaxationOur intuitive friends who wear their hearts on their sleeves, Cancer's tend to wear the weight of the world on their shoulders. Because of their good-hearted nature and keen intuition, it's easy for Cancer's to get into business that isn't their own (nosy or nah?) So, for the year 2020, we think Cancer's deserve all the R&R in the world. Feed your attraction to bodies of water; take a beach vacation, have a spa day, or indulge in nightly bubble baths! And since you love water so much, partake in an ultra-hydrating face mask, like Drunk Elephant's F Balm Electrolyte Water Facial Mask. Work overnight, this mask can up your R&R and make the most of your beauty sleep. Leo - You Deserve... ATTENTIONLet's skip to the chase—Leo's deserve what they want most—attention. Ruled by the sun, it's only natural that Leo's want to be the center of attention! All that shine and all that sun deserve a product that can keep up with your light. That's where Supergoop's Shimmershade Illuminating Cream Eyeshadow comes to play. While you Leo's are out and about getting your shine on, this first-of-it's-kind eyeshadow adds a lovely look-at-me shimmer to your eyes while protecting them with SPF 30! Virgo - You Deserve... AN EASY BUTTONIt's in Virgo's nature to be hardworking task-completers. No one can tell them differently when it comes to getting things done! But all that hard work can sometimes be time-consuming—while Virgo's are focused on getting things done, they often overlook efficiency. So, for 2020, Virgo's deserve an easy button. That means they deserve to be able to complete their tasks in efficient yet perfect ways! Take, for example, Kaja's Wink Stamp Eyeliner. This smart eyeliner utilizes a stamp to make achieving the perfect winged eyeliner incredibly easy. See, Virgo's, you can get things done correctly and quickly! Libra - You Deserve... BALANCEThe plight of every Libra is finding balance in every situation. That's why you'll often find Libra playing the role of devil's advocate; they'll always find a voice of reason to see both sides. It's an honorable trait, and they truly deserve to find balance in all areas of their life this year. When it comes to their skincare, Libra's should try Algenist's Alive Prebiotic Balancing Mask. This mask uses prebiotics to balance the skin's microbiome, in turn improving texture and radiance of skin. Scorpio - You Deserve... INDULGENCEScorpio's, take a minute to rest from your ruminating nature and indulge in the great things life has to offer. The deep waters of a Scorpios mind are enough to preoccupy their time with all the great mysteries of the world, but sometimes it's great to let that all go and just indulge in life. A great product to indulge in? Mamonde's Rosewater Gel Cream. This decadently scented gel-cream uses rosewater to hydrate and moisturize your skin deeply. It's such a treat for your face—one that you truly deserve!Sagittarius - You Deserve... SLEEPLet's be real, a Sag rarely sleeps. The philosopher of the zodiac, you can find a Sag up and at 'em getting social, thinking about the concept of life, or planning their next travel. Honestly, though, they most likely are somewhere overseas doing all three! So for 2020, our dear Sag's deserve SLEEP. Yes, world-traveler, it's ok to rest! There are even skincare products that help calm your skin (and you) down for deep beauty sleep. Take Peter Thomas Roth's Green Releaf Therapeutic Sleep Cream, for example. Packed with colloidal oatmeal, cannabis sativa seed oil, melatonin, and retinoid, this nighttime moisturizer puts together a dream team for sweet dreams. Rest up, Sag, there's so much of the world for you to take on!
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