The Top 5 Beauty Resolutions Of 2020, And How To Keep ThemHere's what Cherie fans aim to improve in the new year, and our tips on how to achieve these goals.
Jan. 8
While every year brings us the energy of renewal and fresh starts, 2020 feels especially powerful because we're entering a new decade. This year, a lot of us feel like we can do anything, and guess what...WE CAN! Over years and years of setting resolutions, we've learned that they always start with the best intentions, and we eventually go back into our old habits. In the year 2020, we want to do different! So, along with sharing the top 5 beauty resolutions as told by Cherie fans, we're also sharing some tips and tricks on how to keep them. Resolution: Empty more skincare products The number one resolution Cherie fans have this year? To waste less—and we couldn't agree more. In the sea of skincare products, whether they be new or tried & true, it's easy to get lost in a sea of consumption. Before we know it, we have a top shelfie full of skincare products we haven't used in months! Resolving to empty your skincare products is a great way to be more eco-friendly and spend-savvy.Cherie's Tip: Reach for skincare staples with great reviewsIt's easier to empty a skincare product when it works! To keep this resolution, we suggest being more conscientious of your purchases by doing your research before swiping your card. Pretty packaging and hyped-up marketing campaigns have more often than not led us to some not-so-great purchases, so, to increase our empties (or save some coin), look to customer reviews to find what would work best for you. Resolution: Self-acceptanceThe second most-made beauty resolution from Cherie fans is to accept themselves, flaws and all. We love this resolution and think it's a radical form of self-love when you embrace who you are at every stage. Some people might think accepting yourself contradicts the need for skincare, but really, it makes skincare and makeup even more fun. The reason being, when you accept yourself, you start loving yourself into who you want to be, instead of being afraid of who you aren't. Cherie's Tip: Leave your home, sans makeupNow, we know this can feel like a daunting feat, but part of self-acceptance is feeling comfortable in your own skin, no matter what! Challenging your comfort zones can help with self-acceptance because you're pushing yourself to feel courageous, even without wearing armor. In this case, makeup is the armor and pushing your comfort zone by choosing to take on the day without it can truly help you master the art of self-acceptance.Resolution: Be more consistentWhen it comes to skincare, consistency is key. Without it, results are hardly met. It's no wonder that being more consist is a top resolution for beauty lovers. When you're consistent with your skincare routine, you can achieve glowy skin, a clear complexion, and the list goes on! It also helps in establishing self-discipline, which is important in reaching any goal. Cherie's Tip: Set a reminder alarm, every morning and nightIf consistency is new to you, you'll need a little help from your handy dandy phone. Set an alarm each day of the week to remind you to do your skincare routine! Get specific with your alarm; type in the habit you want to learn or the products you want to use so that you start building your consistent skincare routine. It may also help to take a selfie every day at the same time so that you can see the results of your regular skincare regimen!The Resolution: SPF, everydayWe know why this resolution made it to the top five list—SPF is so crucial when it comes to anti-aging and protecting your skin. If you didn't know, the UVA and UVB rays that come from the sun can cause up to 80% of aging on the skin. So, whether the sun is out or not, make sure you're slathering on that SPF every morning and reapply it throughout the day if you're out and about. Cherie's Tip: Find a double-duty SPF productThe hardest part about keeping SPF in your daily routine is adding another step to your skincare regimen—and we know these skincare regimens can range anywhere from 3 to 10 steps! So, to make this part of your routine easier, we suggest finding an SPF that doubles as something else that you use every day. Whether that be your foundation, CC cream, or moisturizer, you can find a version of it with SPF. Here at Cherie, we like to reach for moisturizers with SPF because they tend to have higher SPF values, and it's important to note that you want to have at least SPF 30 to protect your skin. Resolution: Go cruelty-freeGoing cruelty-free is the only resolution on this list that directly benefits yourself and a sweet little animal. A sad reality of the beauty world is that some products get tested on animals before they get sold to us. If you think about it, no skincare or beauty product should be so harmful that it needs to be tested on animals. So another added benefit to going cruelty-free is you'll be choosing cleaner skincare products that are better for yourself and the environment. Cherie's Tip: Educate yourselfWhen it comes to an issue like animal testing, the first thing you can do to help is to educate yourself on it. There are plenty of resources out there that will guide you in making the right cruelty-free decisions and choosing the brands that support this noble resolution.
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