Skincare Naughties! These Are The Products That Didn't Make The Cut In 2019Sorry to these products... we could see them on a shelf and wouldn't know a thing.
Dec. 23, 2019
Not every skincare product will be your "holy grail." With every ahhh-mazing new moisturizer you try and face mask you love, there's bound to be it's opposite—the products that do your skin no favors, it won't even get the chance to be an empty! We asked Cherie users to sound off on which products in 2019 were their least favorites, so much so that they'd rather get a lump of coal than ever try them again. Keep in mind that these are personal experiences and recommendations, so, if you'd still like to try any of these products, the choice is yours!1) The Overpriced Gel CreamOne lesson we're taking with us into 2020 is to never let price determine a products worth! This La Mer gel cream runs for a cool $90 (!!!) but, sadly, didn't deliver the greatest results to some of our Cherie users. 2) The Lip Mask That Just Sits ThereThe appeal of lip masks lay in their promise to heal dry, cracked lips overnight. Now, in the winter time, that's a promise we'd really like a lip mask to keep! Unfortunately, many Cherie users think Bite's Agave Lip Mask is simply too thick, uncomfortable, and, well, simply just sits there. 3) The Whitening Mask That Ghosts You This mask claims to reveal brighter, more radiant skin by addressing signs of discoloration and dehydration. A handful of reviews reveal that the mask instead leaves an unwanted white cast, making the user look like a ghost. That's a spooky side effect we won't be getting behind 🙅🏽‍♀️4) The Moisturizer With Little Moisture When it comes to a good moisturizer, we definitely go for products that... moisturize. Sadly for Glow Recipe, a well-loved K-beauty brand, this moisturizer doesn't make the cut. Cherie users point to the super-thin consistency for its lack of efficacy. 5) The Toner That Belongs Out Of This WorldQuite a few Cherie users dropped this product when we asked them what they'd rather get coal than. Part of Sunday Riley's acne-fighting product line, the Marian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner just didn't live up to the claims. So, what products have you tried in 2019 that are on your naughty list? Share with us what you'd rather get coal than ever try again on the Cherie app!
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