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An All In One CBD Guide
Hey y’all! Today we’re talking about CBD, one of the most hyped and controversial ingredients at the moment. After my post on matcha, I got lots of dms asking for more in depth ingredient posts, with the majority asking about CBD. So here I am, giving you what you asked for. So what is CBD anyway? I mean we all know that CBD comes from the Cannabis plant, but what’s different about it? Due to slight chemical changes, CBD won’t make you high. In order to understand why, we need to go over the definition for THC. THC is another compound found in the Cannabis plant. This is the one that makes you high. Basically, the CBD compound doesn’t contain enough THC to make you high. Now unlike many of the ingredients I talk about, CBD is a treatment for a variety of health issues, many of them not skincare related. Scientists who study CBD claim it can help with epilepsy, pain, anxiety, depression, neuropathy, inflammation, arthritis, acne, Parkinson’s, and high blood pressure. Before you dive into thinking CBD is awesome, there’s something to keep in mind. The oldest evidence of marijuana being used is 2500 years old, found in an old Chinese cemetery. CBD on the other hand, was discovered in 1942, meaning that humans have had a lot less time to test it, meaning many of these studies are only a few years old. After that warning, let’s talk about illegal vs. legal. CBD is tricky because it’s legal in some places and illegal in others. In the US, CBD is legal on the federal level, but this may vary between states. Some states only allow it in the form of a CBD oil, some only allow it for medical purposes, with 3 states banning it completely. A quick google search should help you figure out if it’s legal where you are, or what the rules around it are. Once you’ve decided to use CBD, here’s what you should know. You should usually consult your doctor before using CBD, and if you get the go ahead, start at a low dose so you can see how your body reacts to CBD. You’ll also want to decide what form you’ll be taking it in, based on what your taking it for. For digestion I recommend using a supplement, but for acne, a skincare product. If you’re confused by the options, consult a doctor. CBD comes in all forms, but a few I’ve heard others like are down below. I haven’t personally tried these products, but Allure recommends them, so I feel comfortable linking them for you. ZATURAL - Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops #Hemp Extract - Infused Gummies[products]#[ThreeStars] Life Flower - Flower Child Bath Bomb And that’s it for this post! Please give this post a cheer so more people can see how to safely use CBD. Save this post for future reference, and follow me for more content. -Naomi