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Topicals is everything y’all💖
#Gifted Say hello to my babies💗💛 This year has been a lot🙃(you can say it sucked, or you can see it was different either way your not wrong) I try to find the little things that bring me joy and these two are one of them. 💗The Faded serum has change the hyperpigmentation game if you didn’t know. My hyperpigmentation has lightened tremendously😱 💗 Keep in mind my scars are not all gone but with more time they will be😁 💛I was honestly shocked with how much I love the “Like Butter” cream🤭 I’m oily so I didn’t think it would do much to my skin but here I am using it as moisturizer and loving it. This was the perfect introduction to soothing ingredients💛 I would say dry skin people would love it but everyone will love this😁 This combo has got my skin looking right honestly😭 TOPICALS - Faded and Like Butter Duo
*forum* how does the beauty ind. affect you?
Another card from my MyTopicals reflect + connect cards! How does the beauty industry impact your mental health? Honestly, it used to a lot. When I was younger, I fell so hard for all those images of perfection and believed beauty’s promise to bring that perfection to me if I bought this moisturizer or that serum or this makeup. It was exhausting chasing beauty as if you don’t already have it! I got so fed up of playing the same loops of hope and despair; hopeful about a new product and disappointed that I’m not “beautiful” after. I had to learn how to not fall for all the marketing and words beauty brands would recite (and as someone who has written for so many beauty brands, I’ll tell you now, they can and will say anything to sell you a dream) and realize that I am beautiful just as I am! The dream the beauty industry keeps trying to sell is already yours an that’s why I love platforms like Cherie and brands like mytopicals because they allow us to celebrate where we are and who we are! And, it makes beauty fun again. Trying and choosing products for our enjoyment and self care vs. feeling like we’re so imperfect that we need all these products. It’s a fine line but I learned to love the beauty industry while also loving who I am!
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New Year goal - focus on neck & chest!
I’ll admit it, I never really focused on my neck or chest skin. My face gets all the love and my neck and chest just get abused. Sun damage, necklace lines from poor posture, chest wrinkles from sleeping on my side for years - my neck and chest skin needs some serious love! Here’s my plan: I love bliss - That's Incredi-Peel Pads I’ve use them on my face and they always give a great, almost immediate glow to my skin. Super easy - swipe on at night and that’s it. I am cheap so I will use one side and put them in a ziplock so I can get 2 uses out of each pad. I plan on using the Bliss pads on my neck and chest every other night or so alternating with The Ordinary - Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution which is a teeny bit milder. Then I’m going to use these Nurse Hattie Silicone chest pads overnight. I ordered these off Amazon. They were less than $25 and come in a nice box with 2 sets of chest pads, 2 forehead pads, and 2 mouth/face pads. You just place the pad on overnight and the silicone is said to improve skin health/tone/texture. During the day I’m going to alternate between The Ordinary - Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and SUNDAY RILEY - C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum along with some serious sunscreen! I’m planning on giving this combo a month or so and see if there is any improvement. Also thinking about ordered a tube of TOPICALS - Faded Brightening & Clearing Gel to see if that helps with all the sun damage on my chest. Would love to hear some feedback! Tell me what you think, what you would add/change? Has anyone ever focused on their neck & chest skin? 💙
maskne friendly skincare products 🙌🏼
UGH! Masks! I’ve seen the silk masks looming the market and definitely need to add it to my list. As of now, I’ve suffered only 1 “maskne” breakout and the products above helped immensely! Skin Type: Combo skin type here! My oily skin came out to play when the masks were on, trapping moisture and dirt onto the mask and entering my skin barrier when I don’t wash it properly or replace it entirely. Here’s what I have for products to help 👇🏼 bloomy - The Herbalist Skin Oil : a holy grail CBD oil! this works with hyperpigmentation and inflammation, soothing my redness and some scarring I had. Texture/Feel: Amazingly thin and lightweight compared to other facial oils I’ve used! Smell: Smells like CBD... 😏 Ingredients: pure CBD full spectrum How do I incorporate this into my routine?: this product has been great for before a moisturizer, making it easier to blend and melt into my skin. Did it work for me? YES. I’d highly recommend this product to any individual looking for a stable facial oil with pure ingredient(s)! TOPICALS - Faded Brightening & Clearing Gel : another gel that works great for hyperpigmentation! The faded gel works to balance skin tone, brighten and revive tired skin (def needed when you have a mask on all day!) and smooths rough and textured skin. Texture/Feel: Definitely is more like a cream texture that needs some blending. Smell: Not my favorite smell on the market. It reminds me of a 7/11 restroom. Ingredients: tranexamic acid: prevents melanocyte activation, initiation of melanogesis and additional vascular development azealic acid: prevents tyrosine conversion to melanin niacinimide: interrupts pigment transfer from melanocytes to the upper layers of skin where discoloration is visible Koji acid: inhibits melanocyte activation, exfoliates skin licorice root: boasts powerful antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory centella asiatica leaf extract: anti-inflammatory, powerful antioxidant, helps accelerate wound healing and collagen production How did I incorporate this into my routine?: I always apply this on freshly cleansed skin after my serums. It’s a great topical product! Did it work for me? YES! I love this product for my acne scarring and saw results within a month (see picture above). It definitely pumped more life into my skin and added more vibrancy compared to before.
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