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You get what you pay off, Really?!💰💰 Retinol Dupe Alert!👍
I have always felt that my skin is typical of oily skin, and the most important skincare goal is to control oil. But recently winter is coming, and the weather is getting drier and drier. Suddenly, I noticed that the skin around my eyes was very dry, and there were faint fine lines around my eyes. I know I need to use anti-aging products. Retinol is a very effective anti-aging ingredient. It exists in many skincare products and has a strong effect on fine lines. Elixir Enriched Wrinkle Cream $86 ELIXIR - Enriched Wrinkle Cream OLAY PROX DEEP WRINKLE TREATMENT DERMATOLOGICAL ANTI-AGING $40 #OLAY - PROX DEEP WRINKLE TREATMENT DERMATOLOGICAL ANTI-AGING [products]#[FiveStars] Elixir eye cream is a product that I like very much. It is an exceptional anti-aging rich cream as a result of many years of research and development. In this product, the most effective component is "Active Pure Retinol", which promotes the production of hyaluronic acid, and hyaluronic acid increases the moisture content within the skin, making the skin soft. This helps the skin to turn over, thus improving the wrinkled skin. The price of this eye cream is less than half of that of the previous product. As a famous eye cream of OLAY, this treatment is formulated with a potent blend of amino peptides, niacinamide (vitamin B 3), and pro-retinol with 0% added fragrance, fortifying the stratum corneum and boosting surface cell turnover for younger-looking skin. OLAY's products can be used as DUPE of Elixir eye cream because, in terms of ingredients, retinol is the effective ingredient of both. From the price point of view, OLAY has a great advantage. Therefore, if you are still a student at school, you can choose OLAY, which is very cost-effective. In terms of ingredients, if you have a high demand for anti-aging, then I suggest you choose the expensive eye cream because the concentration of retinol in Elixir is high.
Erase eye fine lines during 30 day! Powerful Anti-Aging Treatment
Skin type: Oily skin Age: 30 Price: US$69 Usage frequency: every morning and evening Usage: Soy size #Shiseido - Elixir Superieur Enriched Wrinkle Cream It contains retinol so the main effect is anti-wrinkle. The texture is fresh & moist. When using this eye cream, it is recommended to use certain massage techniques. After applying, my eye area is slightly hot at the beginning. Follow the arrow in the picture, massage for 5 minutes can achieve the best effect.
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Japanese sleeping mask you can’t miss
A sleeping mask is a great way to end the day before you go to sleep. After a long day away, would you like to use a nice smelling, non-greasy sleep mask to help soothe your skin and return it to its best state when you wake up in the morning? Sleeping Gel Pack from Elixir, a cosmeceutical brand owned by Shiseido of Japan, can fulfill all your needs for a sleeping mask. Its texture is like the feeling of jelly, with transparent color, there are light yellow particles inside, after wipe it on the face, it will become very elastic, very watery, but not special sticky. The main ingredient of this facial mask is carnosine, which is Shiseido's secret ingredient, and it also contains water-soluble collagen and other cosmetic ingredients. As long as you apply it evenly to your face before you go to sleep, without getting too thick, the collagen and beauty ingredients will soak into your skin as you fall asleep. As the small particles dissolve, the skin will be wrapped in the golden Elastic anti-aging gel and slowly repair. When you get up the next day, the skin that absorbed full slowly nutrition can become very elastic, moisture locks in the skin firmly, tender and slippery again. This facial mask, I do not recommend you to use it every day, because night-time is the best breathing time for the skin, do not give the skin too much burden every day, a week to use 1-2 times. In use, do not need to use too much, only need to apply on the surface of a thin layer that can be. If you go to bed right after you've put it on, it can get stuck to your pillow, so I recommend putting it on after you've showered and after you've used every skin care products, so that it's absorbed during sleep and doesn't stick to anything else.