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Which is better: Jinsoon or Orosa?
Today I wanted to compare these two polishes. I never used to think of brown as a neutral, and I had never worn brown polish until recently. Now I love it! There’s nothing like a chocolatey nail look to make bright colors in outfits or accessories pop. First up, the JINsoon - Dulcet . All of Jinsoon’s polishes are priced at $18. Jinsoon is formulated without 10 common harmful ingredients: Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde resin, Camphor, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Triphenyl phosphate, Parabens, and Lead. They are vegan and not tested on animals. The polish itself applies smoothly, and j get good coverage with two coats. It has the typical nail polish smell, but it dissipates quickly as the polish dries very fast. This shade, Dulcet, is a light brown that works very well as a neutral. I’ve found that this and other Jinsoon polishes last about 5-7 days before I start to get any chips—that’s pretty impressive since I type all day for work, play with my dog, cook, etc. For these reasons, this polish gets five stars for me. Next up is the orosa - Pure Cover Nail Paint in the shade Dune. All of Orosa’s shades are priced at $12 each, and they are free of 14 potentially harmful substances. They are also vegan and cruelty free. The polish itself has the typical nail polish smell. It dries pretty quickly, but the brush is fatter and wider than the Jinsoon brush, so I ended up applying too much polish on some nails, which caused them to take longer to dry. It took me three coats to get the opaque coverage I wanted. The color is really nice; it’s a deeper chocolate brown than the Jinsoon. Sadly, it started to chip badly within 3 days, despite Orosa’s claim that it should last 7. Once I got one chip, it all started to come off. For the longer wear time and more convenient brush, I prefer the Jinsoon over the Orosa. However, I think both are great brands that are doing a great thing by formulating their products without potentially harmful ingredients, and I also love that they don’t test on animals! #CheriePartner
Amazing NUDE shades for tanned skin that you must try!❤
We love crazy manis but sometimes, the best neutral polishes goes with everything. Skin-complementing shades are utterly elegant, understated, and helps to elongate your fingers. If you are a warm undertone, warm nude shades are going to complement your undertone well. If you are a cool undertone, pick the cooler nudes. Lucky ladies with neutral undertones get away with all the nude shades. There is no single ONE nude color for all of us so I’m trying out two shades of neutral nude here. The first pick is Orosa Pure Cover Nail Paint in shade Pâtisserie. I love how Orosa nail polishes are cruelty-free and vegan, and free of 14 harmful chemicals typically found in nail products. The application is super easy thanks to the flat, wide, and curved brush that glides across the natural shape of my nail. The pink shade does not really suit my tanned skin but it would be an interesting option for pairing it with another complementary shade or for a French manicure. This shade would be perfect for cool skin tones. US$12 for 0.5oz orosa - Pure Cover Nail Paint The second pick is OPI nail lacquer in Pale to the Chief. At first sight, I wouldn’t think that the shade would be suitable for my skin tone but it looks elegant after application. The award-winning nude polish is heavily pigmented and appears beautifully even with just one single coat. Application is a breeze with the larger ProWide handle and brush as well. It dries quickly, perfect for busy girls on the go. A nail lacquer also typically lasts longer than a nail polish but I would let time tell if that is true. US$10.50 for 0.5oz OPI - OPI Nail Lacquer
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