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My Skincare Awards 🏆 Moisturizer Edition
Finding a good moisturizer for eczema and milia prone sensitive skin is key! Over the years, my skin type has ranged from oily to dry to combination. Here’s my selection from favourite to least favourite: 1. GRAYDON - The Putty This is a moisturizer that has really come through for me, specifically during the eczema days 👏🏽 Scent: oatmealish Price: $46 CAD/50mL I gave this product a try after receiving for free at work, I found it a little thick for the face at first so I mostly used it on my neck, where I had eczema. With ingredients like zinc, colloidal oatmeal, hemp seed oil, manuka honey, turmeric, it’s meant to be soothing for irritated skin... and it proved to be so, I’m glad it fell into my hands 💝 I really admired what it did for my neck that I started using it on my face too *over damp skin* so it would absorb better, and it kept my face moisturizer and protected during the cold winter. I’ve repurchased this in a FULL SIZE quantity and recommended it to friends ✨ 2. sahajan - Nourish Face Cream This is great for everyday use, under makeup too. Scent: mature lotion Price: $60 CAD/50mL I also got this for free at work and was excited to try it as I really admire the premise behind this Ayurvedic brand. Though after a few months, the cream’s texture goes from silky smooth to a bit hardened with some crunchier bits, once it melts in your palms it makes for a nice application that mattifies the skin. Great before applying makeup or just having fresh, semi-glowing skin. I apply it on over damp skin as well. Although it contains coconut oil, I find that it doesn’t break me out. I’ve definitely recommended this to my friends and will probably be repurchasing this once the winter comes around. 3. wildcraft - Bergamot Rose Face Cream This was one of the first moisturizer I remember investing in once I discovered Hyaluronic acid and needed something for the eczema on my face. Scent: ylang ylang Price: $26 CAD/60mL This is a little more on the greasy side, but at the time I found it quite nourishing for my dry, flakey skin. However, after using it almost daily for a few months is when I started noticing milia starting to form on my face, so I questioned whether this moisturizer was too rich for my skin. I’ve been using it less frequently since just wanting to use it up but also not wanting to chance it anymore, so I might finish it off as a body butter 🥴 I purchased this 3 times, but won’t be repurchasing it again since finding the 2 aforementioned moisturizers that I prefer more! Won’t be recommending this to friends anymore unless they want an affordable option. What’s your favourite moisturizer?!