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Color Me!
How beautiful and fun are these nail colors from colorclubnaillacquer. COLOR CLUB - Color Club Nail Lacquer . Colors: . 💙 Feeling Under The Weather 🧡 Cobbler Gobbler 💚 Martian, Martian, Martian 💟 Yes, of Quartz 💛 Matte-Erial Girl . . I am OBSESSED with all things nails so I am excited so try these out. These colors are very pigmented and long lasting. You can apply two coats to get a full cover of polish. I think these are perfect for holiday seasons. You have matte and sparkles. Who doesn't love a nice nail polish collection?!😊 . . Do you like these colors?? .
Beautiful Nail Polishes for $5💅🏽
New brand alert👀 at least for me. Best nail polish ever for $5 bucks at my local beauty supply. I think this is a new brand because I’ve never seen it before but the color were so pretty that I was hooked and had to get at least one to try. After I bought the first one I noticed that it was bomb because after a week and a half of having painted my nails they were nearly perfect. The other reason why I love them so much is because they look gel like, a lot of shine and you can wear it for a long time but without going through the struggles of having to take gel of your nails. I feel like the process of taking off a gel mani/pedi can be damaging to the nails and I will always prefer my nails to be healthy. That being said I totally recommend this nail polish and other colors of the same brand they look beautiful on you will not regret it. I will be definitely going to be buying more colors and you should to. COLOR CLUB - Color Club Nail Lacquer #CherieCreator #CheriePartner @cherie