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Ipsy Bag
Limited Edition Ruby Mystery Bag from Ipsy So if you subscribe to Ipsy then you probably already know they had a deal recently for a couple mystery bags in a couple different colors. I think one was a pink a light blue a green and a deep red not sure. I got the red one and this is what I got inside pixi - Glow Tonicexfoliating toner, gently exfoliates and brightens skin is alcohol free and dermatologist tested GENERATION CLAY - Detoxifying Charcoal Clay Mask Detoxifies, hydrates, refines and clarifies made with charcoal and is cruelty-free the Balm cosmetics - TheBalmJour Creamy Lip Stain a lip stain and shine in color konnichiwa it’s like a neutral pink color Catherine Malandrino-Dream perfume COLOR CLUB - Color Club Nail Lacquer color Get Lost pūr~lisse- Daily Lip Nourisher with Mango & Shea Butter- hydrates+nourishes heals+softens petroleum-free I’ve used the Balm Jour lip stain and I really liked the color I’m not too into lip sticks or stains but trying to find a right shade so this one was perfect. It wasn’t too bright or flashy it was natural and went on well. It didn’t seem to last too long but I still liked it. Also used the pūr~lisse lip nourisher it had a nice taste to it, tasted sweet and went on like a normal chap stick or vasaline a product that’s going right in my bag lol and lastly the Color Club Nail polish, I’m not a fan of this brand, this color was a blah for me it’s like light blue periwinkle color. I put one coat and it’s streaky and definitely needs another coating maybe even more then two coats. This polish doesn’t last long for me it chips away fast even using a top coat. Don’t think I’ll be using this polish too much if at all. Oh and the perfume I haven’t used but of course smelled it lol it comes in a little spray tube it smells kinda sweet like every other perfume nothing special. And that’s it that’s all I got from this mystery bag and all I’ve used so far. Thanx for reading😺😺
Color Me!
How beautiful and fun are these nail colors from colorclubnaillacquer. COLOR CLUB - Color Club Nail Lacquer . Colors: . 💙 Feeling Under The Weather 🧡 Cobbler Gobbler 💚 Martian, Martian, Martian 💟 Yes, of Quartz 💛 Matte-Erial Girl . . I am OBSESSED with all things nails so I am excited so try these out. These colors are very pigmented and long lasting. You can apply two coats to get a full cover of polish. I think these are perfect for holiday seasons. You have matte and sparkles. Who doesn't love a nice nail polish collection?!😊 . . Do you like these colors?? .
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