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🧊 Ice Roller Helped my TMJ
🧊 Zoe Ayla Face & Body Ice Roller 🌸Claims~  Brighten under eye circles, and reduce puffiness  Assists in the fight against blemishes, fine lines & wrinkles  helps flush the Lymphatic system Helps soothe redness, inflammation & muscles Minimizes the the look of your pores How to use~ Leave the roller in your freezer for four hours for full benifit. Roll all over your face and neck 1 to 2 times a day or whenever you need too. 🚨 Tip~ I looked up on the Internet different ways to roll over my face & Neck to get the best benefit. 💰 Price~ $45.00 💭 My Thoughts~ This is the first ice roller that I have used. I first started using it in the morning to help reduce my puffy eyes & redness from rosacea. It definitely did the job and reduced the puffiness, redness, minimized the look of my pores and left my face feeling refreshed & relaxed I suffer from TMD/TMJ & was suprised how this helped my jaw muscles by relaxing them and massaging them & help reduced my jaw pain. I added this to my bedtime routine. I can’t speak on the long term affects of this ice roller right now but I can highly recommend it for people suffering from TMD/TMJ, redness and puffiness. I think this roller is definitely worth the price and give it 5/5 ⭐️. ZOË AYLA - Professional Ice Roller