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Halloween Nails 👻 🕸 A Step by Step Guide
🎃 Spooky season is among us and what better way to celebrate than with some spooky season nails! Products used: +SINFULCOLOR - SINFULCOLOR Professional Nail Polish in colors Black on Black & Snow Me White +essie - All in One 3 Way Glaze Base + Top Coat + Helps Strengthen +KISS - Maximum Speed Nail Glue + any nail gems! ✨ 1. Start by laying your base coat and letting that dry for a couple of minutes 2. Paint your first coat of black and let that dry before applying another layer - this will help you avoid streaks in your paint job 3. Take any thin paint brush, and using the white nail color, create a diagonal line across the middle of the nail, then another above that line, and one right below 4. Taking that’s same brush, create tiny loops between the lines and continue doing this until you have your web - you can absolutely stop here if you want to stop but I decided to add some extra razzle dazzle to my nails 5. Using a couple nail gems I had, I applied one gem at both corners of nail using the KISS - Maximum Speed Nail Glue 6. When everything has dried down, I secure it in with another coat of my essie - All in One 3 Way Glaze Base + Top Coat + Helps Strengthen These polishes are great for those on a budget, however the consistency was a bit thin. I had to use 2-3 coats to get the black very opaque. These polishes are not organic, and have similar formulation to other drugstore brands like Sally Hansen and OPI. If you are looking for polishes with a *cleaner* formulation, I would suggest Ella + Mila or Pacifica. Hope this helps! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 🎃 #CheriePartner
Your nail polish Zodiac ✨
So I decided to have a little fun today and assign zodiac signs to my nail polish collection! It became a little hard when I realized all I owned was every shade of green, a few blues, and a few purples 😂 but we made it work! I’m really huge into the zodiac. I’m an Aries sun, Virgo moon, and Cancer rising. If you know your signs let me know below! Aries - Red and Gold. For this I chose the KL Polish Prince Cornelius as it’s a burnt red base (aka fire sign) with gold and silver suspended glitter. Taurus - Green earth tones. For this I chose Sinful Colors Electric Sage. To me Taurus’ seem chill until you get them to a certain point and they can be just as fiery as Aries. That’s why I choose a sage green with gold suspended glitter. Gemini - Top Coat/Transformer Polish. For this I chose Pacifica Crystal Gloss Top Coat in Milky Way. Just like Gemini’s have two sides this nail polish has two uses. You can use it as a beautiful holographic base coat or double up on layers for a beautiful purple opaque nail polish. Cancer - Grey. For this I chose KL Polish Graham. Most cancers I know in real life (including my ascending sign) are really moody so I chose Grey. Leo - Orange. For this I chose OPI Suzi Needs a Loch-Smith. Leo is a very bold and passionate fire sign. I chose orange for them as this bold color signifies that to me. Virgo - White. For this I chose OPI Alpine Snow. Virgo represents the virgin and white is what I think of. Libra - Gold. For this I chose OPI I Pull the Strings. Libras represent the scales which in my mind have always been gold. Scorpio - Black. For this I chose OPI Black Onyx. I feel like this is super cliche but there is no other sign I feel like black polish represents more than Scorpio (as much as I’d like it to be Aries 😂) Sagittarius - Blue. For this I chose KL Polish Cozy in There. Every Sag in my life is so nurturing, calm, and soothing. This pale denim blue is the most soothing shade I have in my collection. Capricorn - Earth tones. For this I chose OPI Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green. Capricorn is an earth sign so I choose a more brown green shade. Aquarius - Blue/Green shift. For this I chose OPI Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k. Aquarius is the Water Bearer so naturally a blue green shift with suspended glitter to represent water seemed best. Pisces - Purple. For this I chose KL Polish Mozart. It seemed logical for Pisces to be a blue shade but I felt like it wasn’t quite right for them. Purple is still in the cool family but not stereotypical for a water sign.
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