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How I fixed my skin 😇
So I know my skin still isn’t perfect (is anyone’s skin perfect tho??) but it looks a lot better!!!! I went to many dermatologists who never told me I had fungal acne 😒 they always recommended creams and stuff that just dried out my skin more but didn’t help! So one day I googled “it feels like there are rocks in my skin” and I figured out that i had fungal acne 😝 I didn’t even know there were different types of acne!! Right away I started using Nizoral - Anti Dandruff Shampoo which helped a lot but didn’t solve the problem Then recently I learnt about a website you can use to test ingredients to see if they are fungal acne safe! Website: folliculitisscout.com I tested all my skin care and gave my mom any products that had triggers! I SWITCHED UP MY ENTIRE SKIN CARE ROUTINE and it was worth it 🙌🏼 I used that website ^ to help me find the right products for my skin which I posted in the photos! I’ve also reviewed them all in individual posts! 🥳 I hope this helps somebody 🥰 I’ve had bad skin since I was like 12 years old and now I’m 22 and just learnt how to fix it! Also my last post was about a homemade mask I made with just honey and oat flour and my skin has been feeling amazing because of it so I also recommend trying that 💖
Nizoral - Anti Dandruff Shampoo I’m been using this shampoo for about 2 weeks and so far it has help with my itching hair, and my dandruff, but not completely. It smell a bit weird, but not a unpleasant smell, I prefer this one instead of the Head and shoulders mint shampoo because in my opinion the only thing that that one was doing is cooling my scalp 🤣 and just the time the shampoo was on my hair the itchiness will go away. So, so far it’s good ☺️ 4/5
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Nizoral - Anti Dandruff Shampoo If you follow @skincarebyhyram on tik tok, you saw his tik tok about this ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO to treat your FUNGAL ACNE. Basically he said that if you have stubborn tiny bumps on your skin (ya know those ones that when the sun light hits on our foundation you can see everythinggg) that you can put this on your face and BOOM the treat your acne. This stuff is MAGICAL. I wore it as a mask for 5-10 minutes and most of my texture is already gone, I wish I had taken a before and after photo😭. I’m genuinely shocked. I’ve been working for months trying to get rid of the bumps and spent sooo much money and all I had to do was buy a $10 shampoo. If you’ve tried everything and couldn’t get rid of those little bumps, try this out and let me know your results!!! #antifungal #fungalacne #skincarebyhyram #bumpyskin #skintexture
Anti Dandruff Shampoo
Nizoral-Anti Dandruff Shampoo