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Everyday No Makeup Makeup Look👩🏽‍🎨
Everyday no makeup makeup look super simple with minimal products and under 10 mins. This look can be done everyday or if you are late and don’t have enough time to get ready this can be a look that you can accomplish quick and it will look like your skin but better. 🦄I did my brows with wet n wild - Ultimate Brow Micro Brow Pencil in shade #1 and e.l.f. - Clear Brow & Lash Mascara 🦄Then used my COLOURPOP - No Filter Matte Concealer in shade medium 28 to conceal and brighten and medium dark 32 to spot conceal 🦄Set my face with MAYBELLINE - Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder in shade 20 🦄ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer to bronze up my face very lightly 🦄BECCA - Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Mini Set to highlight very lightly 🦄Used the URBAN DECAY - All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray to keep everything in place 🦄 NICKAK - Pure Lip Oil in cherry to keep my lips moisturized #CherieCreator #CheriePartner @cherie
Zoom Meeting Makeup!
so, since one of my girls is getting married via zoom tomorrow, i needed a rehearsal look today! to look lowkey but still pretty, i did a lot of illuminating with my favorite highlighter, ciaté - Jessica Rabbit Glow to Highlighter i adore this since i got it in an ipsy bag a year ago, it’s changed my life. it’s powder, and has the most wonderful pink champagne glow. to combat a little dryness i had going on, i used a drop of the e.l.f. - Hydrating Booster Drops because the best thing about this is their hydration. then i curled my lashes with this eyelash curler i got from the dollar store (shhh) and applied some tarte - Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara which is gorgeous for a natural beauty look. my lashes are mine but better and hold the curl from the curler. on my lips and cheeks i used the very red shade from this e.l.f. - 3 Piece Lip Balm Set which makes me look that little bit flushed and has a nice minty scent. finally, i went in on my brows withpixi - Brow Tamer just to give them a little more shape. super lightweight, comfy, but still glam 😍
My cuticles are taking a beating lately - specially at this time where we’re washing our hands and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers more than ever. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way - here are my three top tips for cuticle care. TIP 1: DON’T CUT THEM Instead of cutting your cuticles when doing an at-home manicure, use a cuticle remover and gently push back any sticky skin on your nails. This ensures that technically there’s less cuticle to get dry while still keeping them looking smooth and tidy. It also reduces the likely hood of a cuticle infection if you cut them wrongly. The only thing I recommend cutting is any large, dead pieces of skin or hangnails. Do this every two weeks. BLUE CROSS - Cuticle Remover NICKAK - Cuticle Nipper Single ULTA BEAUTY - Cuticle Pusher TIP 2: USE CUTICLE OIL Like our hair, our nails and the cuticle benefit from using moisturizing cuticle oil. They help to soften the skin around the nail to prevent hangnails from forming! Cuticle oils also help strengthen your nails to grow longer and stronger. Use a cuticle oil at least once a day! TIP 3: USE HAND CREAM This is one of the easiest things to do to take care of cuticles - use a hand cream every time after using a hand sanitizer. Repeated use of alcohol on skin can be very drying, and it’s important to replenish it ASAP! Using a hand cream right after helps to reduce the drying effect of alcohol on your cuticles and hands in general. NIVEA - Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Creme Here’s a roundup: EVERY TWO WEEKS: Push Back Cuticles EVERY DAY: Use Cuticle Oil AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT: Use Hand Cream
Nail Care 101 - Dos & Don’ts💅
Dos Do - Use glass nail files. Especially you have weak Sometimes you may find glass nail file is not as sharp as sand ones. Since it is very low grit file, it will not damage your nails. Do - Rub your nail with regular rubbing alcohol to remove the dirt and oil with a makeup sponge. Some people prefer cotton balls. I would not recommend since those cotton pads or balls always leave those little strings on your nail. This can become really annoying when you are applying polish and its hard to notice till you actually applying the polish and messes up with everything. Do - use base coat and top coat as better prep before applying actual color and give it a shine finish. A top coat would also make the finish shinier and stay longer. Do- start in the middle when painting you nails. then go near the cuticle area and drag it up from each side. Dont’s Don’t paint over other colors. I know this is obvious, but I do see a lot of people painting over other colors. Do not cut your cuticles too much or too often. What you want to do instead is to get yourself some cuticle oil or softener and just rub it and massage that along your cuticles. And after approximately 5 minutes, you are gonna use a wood stick or a push to gently push back your cuticles. This step you want to make your cuticles look nice and even but not over cut. Over removal of cuticles will weaken your nails and cause further damage to cuticles. Do not file in both directions. A good practice is to filing in only one direction. If you do both sides back and forth, it’s almost like sawing your nails and probably cause more damage. Although it takes a lot of time by doing this, but it worth it. Do not use old nail polish that you had for 3 years. The texture are becoming thick and sticky and make it hard to apply and crusty. When you are applying the polish, do not wipe off the brush too much or having too much product on the brush at a time. You want to apply with enough polish which doesnt dry fast before it is evenly applied and you also don’t want it falling very where or flooding your cuticles and take forever to dry OPI - Infinite Shine Prostay Primer OPI - Nail Laquer + Top Coat NICKAK - Cuticle Nipper Single
Gloss, Gloss, Gloss I do Adoreeee
I am a lip gloss fiend! I love glosses. I have so many and it was hard to pick my faves but these are my normal Go to! I focus mostly on hydration and feel for my glosses. We hate a sticky icky situation 🙃 COLOURPOP - So Juicy Plumping Gloss 👄 I just recently got this lipgloss as a birthday present and instantly loved it! It’s such a pretty nude color paired with a coco brown lip liner and it’s a beautiful everyday gloss. It’s also plumping so there will be tingling but nothing unbearable. I usually don’t go for anything plumping but I love it! C·O·BIGELOW - Mentha Lip Shine Peppermint Lip Gloss 👄 Holy Grail of glosses! This lip gloss is super shiny and I love the peppermint and the tingle it gives. I go through quite a few tubes but it’s def a fan favorite. I’ve been using this since middle school I’m pretty sure. It’s not sticky and gives you a really nice feel. I always get them from Bath and Body works and they run you about 8 bucks! NICKAK - NICKAK Lip Gel 👄 The most beautifully cost efficient of the bunch! I absolutely adore this gloss. It’s what we would call a beauty supply pick up ! Any beauty supply store usually has NK or Ruby kisses (which is trash btw) for a cool 99 cent! That’s a steal! NK is cheap and gives such a beautiful shine. I always keep a tube in my purse just in case! My lips always stay hydrated with this one! The reason it has 4 instead of 5 stars is it is slightly sticky if you over do it. Pro Tip: use your finger to apply to better control application. FENTY BEAUTY - Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer 👄 Fenty outdid themselves with Gloss bomb! I originally had the first one which was my favorite until the Christmas kit came along and Hot Chocolit took the cake. Pictured is the Hot Chocolit from the kit but they made my dreams come true and made it in the big size! The formulas are super hydrating and non sticky. It gives you a beautiful shimmery shine and is super cute with or without lip liner. It is a bit pricey at around $18 for the normal size . The price for me is worth it! The doe foot applicator is perfect and we all love good packaging ! Honorable mention is NYX BUTTER GLOSS : so many colors and super hydrating. Overall these are my faves and I’m always trying new glosses! What are your faves? Let me know below 😘 BESOS 😘
Summer Curls for The Girls: Fav Party Style 👩🏾
Hello Im Alyssa & Im a Wigie! If ya don’t know I’m a natural, I’ve been natural basically all my life (I had brief relations with a relaxer 🥴) so since it the summertime I like to tuck away my natural tresses & pull out my WIGS! The specs on my wig is shes 20 inches, Brazilian Bodywave, 250% density and her name is Bianca 🙂 As far products and tools go I like to use minimal amount of product because i like for my hair to look a lil undone BUT still has movement and holds a style. For starters, I like to use L'ORÉAL - Elvive Extraordinary Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment to give the hair some shine and tame those fly always. Then, I use heat protectant, my favorite one is TRESemmé - Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray I like to use a higher heat so the curls stay longer and this heat protectant doesn’t weight the hair down! After i’m done styling, I like to use a light hairspray to set those curls give it something to hold to and just to lock in shine & last minute touches. The hairspray that is PERFECT for that is PANTENE - Air Spray Flexible Hold Hairspray As far as tools that I use, I like to use a wand for this style because it gives more of the messy look that is perfect from day to night. The perfect wand is NICKAK - New York Tyche Ceramic Teflon Professional Curling Iron (Wand) then to add just a lil extra undoness ( I call this the Kim Zolciak step) and use a smaller flat iron on the ends ,JUST on the ends, and straighten them out. It literally adds something and really bumps this style up a couple notches!! The flat iron I like to use is annie - Hot & Hotter Extra Long Titanium Flat Iron It’s a quick style that takes less than 15 mins to achieve! Let me know if you ladies try it out 💓☀️


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some great lip glosses
some great lip glosses
i recently bought these lip glosses at marshall’s for 3.99? it came with 4 but the other 2 are not pictured. the flavors are: bubble gum, argan oil, rosehip oil, and clear. these lip glosses give great shine and are thick and last for an hour at least! they have a normal taste and the bubblegum tastes amazing and has a strong flavor. HIGHLY RECOMEND!!! NICKAK - NICKAK Lip Gel
Best lip oil at a really low p
Best lip oil at a really low price! Moisturizes my lip and make them super soft. I use this on a daily basis since I love how it make my lips feel and it looks like a lips gloss without the sticky part and with moisturizing benefits. Highly recommended it! You can get this at your local beauty supply for only $1.99 but in other places like Amazon they have it for $5 or $6 which is kind of crazy.
Pure Lip Oil
NICKAK-Pure Lip Oil
Matte in Maroon🤎
Matte in Maroon🤎
As you can see, I have a thing for brown and dark colored lipsticks😭 I love this #NICKA K New York - Vivid Matte Lipstick: NMS14 Maroon[products]#[FourStars] I obviously like to pair it with a dark brown lip liner. 🙌🏾 And on days that I want a little of extra moisture, I add #bareMinerals - Marvelous Moxie: Rule Breaker[products]#[ThreeStars] on top. I love me a good sparkly gloss!✨ Another very affordable lipstick! It’s about $2 and can even be found at your local beauty supply store😉 What y’all think about this combo?🤔 SN: please excuse the format, technical difficulties with the Cherie app😬 no shade, all love
Vivid Matte Lipstick
NICKAK-Vivid Matte Lipstick