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new beauty buys ✨
I absolutely love the feeling when I come home after a successful shopping trip. I never really found myself splurging *too* much on products but sometimes, quality demands high value 😌🙌🏼 Here’s the new beauty buys I’ve just made recently 👇🏼 PEACH & LILY - Glass Skin Refining Serum this is one of my favorite serums on the market! I love the cooling sensation of this serum and the ingredients it offers: niacinamide and peach extract, targeted to brighten and firm skin. Where did I hear about this? Sooo much hype is around this serum, seriously. I needed to know what the uproar was about. So far, I love the thin consistency and def feel like its a product worth it’s tag. AVARELLE - Acne Cover Patch so far, I’ve only tried one patch and not as big of a fan as i am with HERO COSMETICS - Mighty Patch Original and Invisible+ Bundle . It doesn’t extract as much and doesn’t feel as powerful as HERO. Where did I hear about this? I was looking for alternative pimple patches on the market and came across Avarelle! I decided to finally purchase it after seeing reviews of before/after photos. OSEA - Free Ocean Cleanser Deluxe Sample this fresh cleanser helps with complexion as it removes impurities and protects skin’s moisture barrier. It includes vegan lactic acid too! Where did I hear about this? As I was looking for new cleansers, I needed one to help with my skin barrier without sacrificing other benefits. I loved the way my skin felt after using it (not tight or dry). BEAUTANIQ BEAUTY - Butter Lip & Cheek Balm so far, this product isn’t what i expected in terms of malleability. As a “butter,” i expected more smoothness and easy application; however, it’s hard for me to even get a pigmented swatch onto my finger to apply 😭 it doesn’t even go skim onto my skin. Where did I hear about this? I love cheek and lip stains so thought I’d transition into balms for a change! I found this product after Allure Beauty had raves about; however, I couldn’t see the rave. Not my best choice.
My go-to makeup products
I don’t usually do my makeup, but when I do there are some products I never go without. I love a dewy, sun kissed finish, so I always start with a hydrating primer and end with a creamy blush. Here are some of my favorite products to get my favorite makeup looks! Too Faced - Hangover Primer has been my go-to primer for a couple years now. I love how smooth it makes my skin look and it always seems to downplay any dryness I might have. Even if I’ve been slacking on skincare, this stuff makes my skin and makeup look awesome! benefit - Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer is for sure my favorite concealer, hands down. I’ve tried a few others recently, trying lighter colors for under my eyes, and everything else cakes and rubs off so easily, so I just end up going back to my tried and true. I love her and will repurchase until the end of time. A more recent development has been my love of cream blushes. I’ve started buying them whenever I can get my hands on them and so far some of my faves are WANDER BEAUTY - Double Date Lip and Cheek Tint , BEAUTANIQ BEAUTY - Butter Lip & Cheek Balm , and Milk MAKEUP - Lip + Cheek . The ones I have are a nice range of colors from orangey to pink to rose. I like to put a little on the bridge of my nose to make it look like I spent a little too long in the sun the day before. I usually put a cream blush on the apples of my cheeks and my nose and blend it out with a similar powder blush toward my hairline and around my forehead. And that’s my usual makeup look! I usually go pretty lowkey with the eyes, just some highlighter in the inner corner and maybe some mascara. Stay tuned for photo evidence the next time I put makeup on! <3
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This stuff works miracles. Pigment that is extremely strong, and a formula that feels fresh, cold, and creamy. This is Beautanic Beauty’s Glow Serum nourishing water based highlighter! ✨ I have no idea where to get this, a friend got it for me. Maybe Sephora or Ulta or somewhere, maybe on their website, but I love this stuff. Recommend it if you want a shimmery bright highlighter that’s rose gold 💕💕 BEAUTANIQ BEAUTY - GLOW SERUM Hydrating water-based liquid highlight
GLOW SERUM Hydrating water-based liquid highlight
BEAUTANIQ BEAUTY-GLOW SERUM Hydrating water-based liquid highlight
Multipurpose blush/lip product
Multipurpose blush/lip product
Packed with apricot seed oil and vitamin E to repair and protect, BEAUTANIQ BEAUTY - Blush Serum is supposed to give a “natural, petal-fresh flush of color.” It is a water-based blush that can so be used on the lips. MY EXPERIENCE: I had never heard of this brand before I received this product in a BirchBox about a year ago. I really enjoy it. A little goes a long way. You can apply it with your fingers, defused with a brush or soften with a beauty blender. If you put too much on, then use whatever you used to apply your liquid foundation to lightly reduce the color. If you were doing “no-makeup makeup,” but still wanted a flush of color, then I think you would love this. I think I will try other colors in this same formula. Specs: 0.35 fl. oz./10 mL for $16 (comes in multiple colors.) Recommend? Yes
Blush Serum