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FIRST TRY- Dip Nails
KIARA SKY - Professional Nail Dip Powder Essentials I was tired of trying and failing at POLYGEL. Too much of a learning curve, took too much time, required efile and UV lamp. I finally tried dip nails, and I am in love! The process is lengthy and can be overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, you can get them done faster and it becomes enjoyable. I bought Kiara Sky’s French Manicure starter kit ($100). It was pricy, but they’re one of the best companies on the market, so I trusted the name. There are plenty of other brands on Amazon on Etsy that make kits and dips for a fraction of the price. Overall, I was impressed with the kit. The only thing it was missing was a clear dipping powder, to encapsulate your colors/glitters so they aren’t ruined when you file. Additionally, the kit also came with a top coat, but it was just not shiny enough for me. I had to use a UV Gel topcoat to achieve the wet glossy look I desired. If you’re looking to save money or need a new hobby, this is a great option! I’m not sure I’ll ever get my nails done at a salon again, and I am someone who has had acrylic or gel nails for over 10 years.
Summer Ombré Nails
This is from last smiler but I love this combination of color & think it is great for summer. All the credit for these nails goes to my nail technician, she is amazing & talented This is light grey dipping powder with pink dipping powder with glitter gel on the tips for that extra pop. It looks different colors depending on the light. Have you ever tried Nail dipping powder? I love it when I had my nails done using it, it made my real nails grow super fast and didn’t make them as brittle & thin as acrylic powder did. KIARA SKY - Professional Nail Dip Powder Essentials KIARA SKY - Professional Nail Dip Powder


Neutral Nails 4ever ✨
Neutral Nails 4ever ✨
So I'm a neutral nails girl, it's my go-to and I have a hard time staying away from nudes! I do my own gel nails and have been for about a year. I like a thicker consistency gel because it's easier to work with and usually requires less coats. I really LOVE the color of this gel polish by Kiara Sky, it's the shade "Cheeky", but that's where the praise ends. It's a thinner consistency and super sheer. The gel polish is described as a cream and the product page doesn't describe it as "sheer" anywhere so I was expecting one or two coats max. In this photo I'm wearing 3, plus a sheer nude base and the polish is still sheer at the tips. I'll keep using it because I do love sheer nudes, but it was definitely not what I'd hoped for. KIARA SKY - Sock-Off Gel Polish Colorbase
Sock-Off Gel Polish Colorbase
KIARA SKY-Sock-Off Gel Polish Colorbase