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When my fave becomes dry or I want my makeup to last all day/night , I tend to use liquids to contour. Liquid contour makes more of a drastic difference opposed to powder contouring. My routine: Prep the face: It’s important to use moisturizers, primers etc. so the product has something to adhere to. I chose to use TATCHA - The Silk Canvas Protective Primer as a primer. This product mattifies my pores so there is no chance of texture peaking through. Contour: I next go in with my contour and highlighting shades. I used an ulta contour stick to contour what I wanted to add dimension to. I used Too Faced - Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Concealer to brighten areas I wanted to stand out. I blended these shades with a stopping brush than tapped in the rest to really keep the product in place. It might look a little crazy but we’re not done yet! ( I added a photo of what it looks like) Apply foundation: Next I apply foundation overtop the liquid contour and concealer. As you may notice, you do not need that much foundation because there is plenty of coverage from the previous products. I tapped on the foundation with a beauty blender. I used the JOSIE MARAN - Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid Lastly: I set everything with powder. I used the RCMA Makeup - RCMA Makeup No Color Powder I like this powder because I feel as if it brightens my skin and cause no creating. Do you prefer liquid or powder contouring? or both? And what is your skin tone type?⬇️🤍
🍨What’s prefect for summer - my go-to list🍨
Heyyyy guys! How are you? 🤗 Today I'd like to share with you my go-to list in summer. As you know, we have been recommended for hundreds of products every single day in this loving community. So what products I have saved in my go-to list lol? Glossier. - Lash Slick Mascara This brand is my favorite, not only because of its brand personality, but more about their amazing products!!✨✨ URBAN DECAY - De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray I have combination skin, so need makeup setting spray in summer. It's super cute, I mean it's quite tiny. And I can take it almost everywhere.!!🧗‍♀️ URBAN DECAY - Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette This eyeshadow is my HG!!! Trust me: If you apply this eyeshadow,I will send your selfie to NASA, because you're a star lollll RCMA Makeup - RCMA Makeup No Color Powder As I said before makeup setting spray & powder is the angle come and save me in summer😂 It's so good and WAY cheaper!!! Thank you guys, see you next time xoxo!!!❤️❤️❤️
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Setting powder under $15
I can’t even remember what youtuber I seen talk about this product. I love this setting powder because it’s still feels super silky when applying to the skin. I’ve even noticed on days that I felt super dry even after moisturizing and doing a full face of make up that this powder doesn’t affect the dryness. A lot of setting powders I noticed I can’t use when I’m feeling dry that day. This setting powder cost me about $12 and I’ve had it for about a year Below is a link to purchase ! 💗 https://www.beautylish.com/s/rcma-makeup-no-color-powder-3-oz
Every Makeup Artist Has this Powder
This is your must have powderRCMA Makeup - Pure Pearl Powder This probably the most hyped about setting powders out there.Everyone raves about this setting powder. I already use the one from Make Up Forever, but for the price I thought, why not try this one. And , I'm glad I did this because I don't see much a difference between this one and Make Up Forever. It is also super affordable and lasts for a very long time! I find this setting powder really really help to control my oily combination skin. It is very finely milled and makes your skin look so smooth and soft. I apply it when and do my makeup and it lasts the whole day without needing me to blot or re-apply. It stops shine, but leaves my face looking natural For the part that I love about this product, it blurs my smile lines I do wish it was more matte though. My oil does peak through around hour 2. And for the design which I would say the only downside about this product is the packaging. It's hard to transfer it onto my brush or Beauty Blender. I just wish it had a better lid to dispense the product a bit better. Pouring it into the lid is a bit awkward, you have to have a brush for application. it can get super messy and you can potentially waste a lot of product,There is no place to dip your brush. but I'll sacrifice that for the money I'm saving You really can't beat this quality and the price is amazing.I bought my first bottle last October and last week I completely finished my first purchase of the product and got this second version. Cheap and Finely milled, a little pouffy, but all in all, a great setting powder. Definitely recommend this powder.


Setting powder: Laura Mercier or RCMA?
Setting powder: Laura Mercier or RCMA?
If you search “setting powder” on Sephora website, sorting with “bestselling”, the Translucent Loose Setting Powder from Laura Mercier is one of the top 3. And if you pay some attention about makeup, you may hear about the No Color Powder from RCMA Mackup. I love both of them and I will show the differences before and after I applied two products and talk about my thoughts. By the way, I barely baking and I usually use loose powder under my eyes, nose and the center of my face where my pores are obvious. Let’s start with the more expensive ones. I have two sizes of the loose powder from LM. The smaller one is $23, with 0.33oz/9.3g product inside, and the larger one is $39, with 1oz/30g inside, which means the large size is more cost-efficient if you use powder a lot. I also purchased the puff, and it feels soft and can grab the powder easily, so I love using these to apply all my loose powders. As you can tell in the picture, after applying foundation, you can still see my pores and the radiant of my face. But after the powder, my face looks totally matte and blurred, and my pores are covered up to 80%. Because I am a dry skin and only my nose will be a little oily after 4-5 hours. With the powder, I would say I won’t get oily until 7 hours later. You can tell how I love this by my repurchase, and I think it is for all skin types. They also launched a darker version if you have medium deep to deep skin, which is awesome. Then let’s talk about the RCMA No Color Powder, which is only $12 for 3oz/90g. The only thing is inconvenient is that it is hard to pour out the appropriate amount of powder, and I still need to buy a small box so that I can get the product with either a brush or a puff. And sometimes, when I am lazy, I will use the beauty blender that I apply the foundation to apply the powder to do a short time baking under my eyes and on my nose, then wipe it with a big fluffy brush all around my face after 5 mins. Because I am doing a comparison, so this time, I use the same puff to apply it. There is not such a big difference just by looking, because they both cover my pores and have a matte finish. The only difference I feel is that the RCMA one is a little drier than the LM one on my nose, but the price of RCMA powder is so affordable, and you can get so many products that you may never use up. So I think it is a perfect dupe for me and I highly recommend it.
RCMA Makeup No Color Powder
RCMA Makeup-RCMA Makeup No Color Powder