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exfoliating gloves!
exfoliating gloves!
exfoliating gloves are sooo freaking good. they’re super affordable, barely even $3. this has cleared up my skin tremendously in literally 2 days and now i can’t stop staring at my face whenever i pass a mirror. my face is ridiculously clear, not even a pimple in sight and i’ve noticed that a few of my dark spots have lightened. i’ve also noticed that since i’ve started using it my skin looks much more “cleaner”/clearer, soft and very smooth, and my skin looks much more hydrated and no longer “dull”. urban spa - Exfoliating Gloves For Shower, Bath, Exfoliating and Cleansing Colors May Vary BRUSHWORK - Exfoliating Gloves Lulu BEAUTY - Exfoliating Gloves ecoTOOLS - Exfoliating Gloves parissa - Exfoliating Gloves & Vial of Azulene Oil DAILY CONCEPTS - Daily Exfoliating Gloves EARTH THERAPEUTICS - Organic Cotton Exfoliating Gloves EUROPEAN SOAPS - Spa Privé - Exfoliating Gloves EUROPEAN SOAPS - Urbana, Spa Prive, Exfoliating Gloves EARTH THERAPEUTICS - Exfoliating Hydro Gloves
 Exfoliating Gloves
ecoTOOLS- Exfoliating Gloves