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Lots of pretty pink products!! method - Pure Peace Body Wash LOVE this stuff. Smells amazing. Slightly moisturizing. Makes a great bubble bath. Under $10 eos - eos Shave Cream, Pomegranate This isn’t my favorite shave cream. It seems that it can clog your razor up and leave goopy chunks of cream all over. It just doesn’t rinse away completely enough. #Dr Teals - Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub[products]#[FiveStars] another favorite for winter. Gets all the rough spots off elbows and knees. Don’t use for self tanning though as it contains oils. pmd - pmd Clean Pro I use this cause it feels good in my face and it’s easily sanitized otherwise what does it even do that I couldn’t do just washing with my hands? I truly don’t know. schmidt's - Rose + Vanilla Natural Deodorant This is the best natural deodorant I’ve tried so far. It has like a dry clay feel so it doesn’t make your armpits damp feeling and really soaks up sweat. Smells divine. Glossier. - Futuredew Oil Serum Hybrid I have maturing, dryish skin. I can’t even figure out what this is meant to do. I’ve tried using it alone. As primer. As a highlight after makeup. Mixing it in. Tried a dozen things and I’ve been underwhelmed every single time. bliss - Mighty Marshmallow Mask Nice, basic mask. Not going to wow you. Gives your skin a wee boost. A more awake look. Can be a bit drying IMO. MILANI - Rose Butter Lip Mask Smells good. Looks pretty. The texture is really nice and creamy. But my lips aren’t buying it. It soaks right in and the flakes are still hanging around. MILANI - Rose Sugar Lip Scrub The smell is overpowering for me and the scrub is very abrasive. It smells like you are eating roses.
$7 Christian Dior “Miss Dior shower gel” dupe?🎀
🛁I found a really inexpensive dupe for the Miss Dior silky shower gel that’s available at Target & Walmart, it’s paraben/phthalate free & not tested on animals💗 method - Pure Peace Body Wash $7/18 oz With peony extract, rose water & Himalayan pink sea salt, it creates a similar scent profile to the Miss Dior shower gel. It has a pretty decent naturally derived ingredients list, & I really appreciate how transparent Method ( methodhome.com ) is with their ingredient information. Their website can be a great resource to understand a lot of ingredients you’ll find in many skincare products. The scent is light & not overwhelming, & I do find it calming. I’ve had no skin issues using this, I really like the scent & its only $6.99! Also excited to try the bar soap in the same scent because I like to use bar soap for shaving... Has anyone tried it? Let me know💗 DIOR - Miss Dior Foaming Shower Gel $55/6.8 oz I’m not gonna rate this product, because it looks like Dior may have reformulated it. So my comparison is based off the older version I tried in the opaque white bottle. Grasse Rose & Turkish Damascus Rose are the leading notes, with blood orange, mandarin & bergamot. I can’t speak on the exact smell & texture of the reformulation, but if you love light florals & rose/peony scents, you should check out the Method Pure Peace body wash for a super affordable option🎀


I love smelling like natural flowers. Its my favorite scent.so I tired this out , the scent is subtle but the peony/salt mixture is so crisp and smells beautiful without being overpowering. This lathers niceeely. I lather up my loofah with it and go to town in the shower. THIS IS NOT A MOISTURIZING BODY SOAP. it gives me the skin feel for irish bar soap but not as drying if that makes sense. Basically...It REALLY CLEANS YOU. Its super affordable and last forever ! method - Body, Bar Soap, Energy Boost (i cant find the peony in the search bar) BTW THIS IS CLEAN BEAUTY/ESTHETICIAN APPROVED
Body, Bar Soap, Energy Boost
method-Body, Bar Soap, Energy Boost