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Step 2: Toners 💚
Product 1: ALAFFIA - Everyday Coconut, Face Toner, Purely Coconut, Normal to Dry Skin So, after I cleanse, I tone. Is it necessary? Nah... but I personally like this step because this is the first product that comes into contact with your skin right after you cleanse! This product I found at Nugget (and also Sprouts). I’ll be honest, I thought shopping in a grocery store with organic products would lead me to better skincare products. I was really just trying to find something gentle (and cheap) enough to try one day, and I found this! Neem is the top ingredient. I had never heard of this ingredient in skincare until I stumbled upon this. Some benefits of neem include vitamin E and fatty acids (good for hydration and fighting wrinkles/boosting collagen), anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial (good for acne), and it is also known to balance out melanin secretion (which helps lighten hyperpigmentation). I’d like to say this helped with my acne and dark spots, but, like I mentioned in my cleanser post, I use a concoction of thangs on my face that all help with that... so it’s hard to pinpoint any single item, ya feel?? How I use it: cleanse, pat dry my face, then I spritz this and allow it to air dry. I use this every AM and most PMs. Product 2: The Ordinary - Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution ATTN: please read about AHAs before trying this product! This is a chemical exfoliant... the more harsh of the 3 I’ve learned about (lactic acid being more gentle and mandelic acid being even more gentle than both exfoliants). The reason why glycolic acid can be more harsh is due to the molecular size. Glycolic acid has a smaller molecular size which means it sinks deeper into the skin. Whilst the other 2 AHA’s have larger molecular sizes so that it doesn’t penetrate too deep into the skin making it a better option for those who have sensitive skin. These chemical exfoliants are used to help detach dead skin cells that may be sitting happily on your face and causing break outs. We love AHAs! It’s just a matter of finding which works for you. I’d recommend starting off with the mandelic acid OR pixi - Glow Tonic . I personally have never tried mandelic acid because I already knew my face could handle glycolic acid from using Pixi’s Glow Tonic. The difference between Pixi’s Glow Tonic and TO Glycolic Acid Toning Solution is 1. The amount of glycolic acid that’s in each solution and 2. Pixi’s Glow Tonic has more ingredients mixed in with the glycolic acid I’m assuming to make it more gentle. Fair warning, Pixi’s Glow Tonic has fragrance in it. How I use it: Okay sooooo, I use this when my skin asks me to. Sounds weird, but y’all know what I mean right? Lol. Liiike, if I feel a break out coming on or if I just feel like my skin needs a little extra treatment, I’ll use this in my PM routine after I cleanse. For me, the next morning, I’ll notice a difference. Anyone else use these products? 😊 Xoxo Xenia