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Seductive Shine and Silkier Times…
I suffer from dry and frizzy hair. On hot summer days, when the humidity is terrible, I love to use these products together. They smooth any fly-aways and nourish my hair, giving me lovely tame locks. What is Argon oil? It’s a nut that grown on a tree in Morocco; they harvest the oil and use it to make beauty products. Used in Morocco for thousands of years, it’s a beautiful ingredient full of goodness.  OGx Renewing + argan oil of Morocco Shampoo  This shampoo has a great formula, works wonders for my dry and fine hair. It leaves my hair feeling salon-smooth and more reliable than ever. The argan oil makes my hair silkier and shinier than ever! This shampoo and conditioner are paraben-free and no sulfates either, which means your scalp remains healthy too. OGx Renewing + argan oil of Morocco Conditioner When using this condition, remember a little goes a long way, it’s rich and luxurious but use too much, and it will make your hair greasy - so a little maybe a tablespoon full, that’s all you need. It’s affordable and good quality. You can find it on amazon at drugstores prices, so grab yours and be the envy of the town with your luscious locks of silky goodness! Percy & Reed- Oh-So-Smooth Frizz Fixer What is a frizz fixer? Well, it’s a combination of coconut and moringa oil blended with sweet almond extract to seal the cuticles and create a barrier against humidity. Perfect for emergencies before that date or girl’s night out! This product provides a quick and easy fix to your frizzy hair problems, and it is also in-budget for those who care about their hair.  Pop it in your handbag and tame any frizz and impress your friends at any time with your new smooth look. I love it!
Have High-Porosity Hair? Try These Products!
I have high porosity hair and always look for good styling products. I've tried only two products so far. They have different texture, but they all have good effects, so I recommend them to you and here is my review. SheaMoisture - Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle   My hair will be styled well after blow drying. It smells like coconut and I really love that. The hair will not feel sticky after drying.   The only cons is that its texture is a little hard. The texture is more like jelly, which cannot be squeezed by hand. If I apply it to hair and it will fall off. Half left in the hair, half fell to the ground.😂   PERCY & REED - Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish   I bought it from Sephora. I like its milk texture and it's more like cream. It smells nice and I guess most of you will like its scent. I squeeze a pea sized amount in my hands and then apply it to my hair. It really helps to tame my frizz hair, but I have to say the hair styling effect isn't as good as the gel.   When the air is wet, the hair will be a little frizzy😭So if your curly hair tends to be frizzy, you'd better choose gel. If your curly hair is smooth, you can use this cream. How to Determine Your Hair Porosity I mention that I have high porosity hair, and if you don't know how to determine your hair porosity, I'll share what I learned on hair website. How can you determine if you have high-porosity hair, low-porosity hair, or something in between? Take a dry, clean strand (meaning, with no styling products on it) of your hair out of your head, put it into a cup of water, and see how long it takes to sink to the bottom. If it sinks straight away, you have high-porosity hair; if it sinks after a few seconds, you have medium-porosity hair, and if takes even longer to sink, you have low-porosity hair.  
How to instantly look younger💖6 Tips you MUST know!
The power of a good haircut is AMAZING! While looking through the internet, I'm impressed by the celebrities who instantly look younger by changing their hairstyle. With the help of a stylist friend, I've got these hair tips for a younger look:  💖Highlights Highlights can add dimension and reflect light to your hair. Stay away from one harsh solid hair color. Go for subtle highlights on top and around your face. Warmer tones are best, such as caramel for brunettes, golden for blondes, or copper for redheads. 💖Volumizing hair products Get volumizing shampoo and conditioner duo such as PERCY & REED - Bountifully Bouncy Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner Duo, which are slightly scented and leave my hair clean and lifting after blowing out. With the year pass, our hair tends to be thinner and thinner with the hair loss problems, so giving more volume gives the illusion of thicker hair for a younger look.  💖Bouncy curls Curls actually have fantastic power to make your hair look fuller and thicker by making slim or flat hair look full and bouncy. I've got naturally straight hair, and every time I changed my look to beach waves with my curling iron, many of my friends told me that I looked much younger lol so I know this tip actually works. 💖Hair color Hair color is an important factor of better-looking skin as a different hair color may be more complementary to our skin tone and helps to make our blemishes less visible. For mature skin, warmer hair colors are better compared to cooler ones, as warmer tones like caramel or copper are able to bring warmth and light to our aged and dull skin, whereas ashier and darker colors can make you look older than by making your look washes out. 💖Heathy-looking hair Smooth and shiny hair is the key to youthful looks! Apart from basic hair care routine, including shampoos and conditioners, I also apply hair oils to my ends every night to prevent them from splitting and a deep conditioning hair mask such as Briogeo - Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask two times a week. What's more, don't look down on your hairbrush or scalp massager! I brush my hair with Christophe Robin - Boar Bristle Detangling Paddle Hairbrushand Briogeo - Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager for about 3min respectively every night to stimulate scalp circulation, which stimulates hair follicles and helps prevent hair falls. As for hair oils, I use HAIR FOOD - Coconut Sulfate Free Smoothing Hair Oil containing coconut oils, which is a powerhouse ingredient for hair moisturization and hair strengthening.  💖Lace Wigs Frequent dying or perming does harm to hair for sure, so I'd like to take a breath from dealing with my hair sometimes and use a lace wig for an instant effect, especially for covering grey hair. A lace wig with high quality is normally pricey but worthy investing, and I'm obsessed with my full lace wig as I can part anywhere I want without worrying about looking fake, and I can wear it out every day.  Hope you guys like these tips, and please share your hair tricks below xoxo!