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Why we all need a jade roller in our lives!!
The first time I saw a jade roller, what I really saw was yet another thing that would collect dust in my bathroom cabinet. I know, It’s really pretty. But also, it’s just a rock. Then when I began to see jade rollers everywhere, I decided to give it a try. The idea behind it is fairly simple: Jade is relatively cool to the touch, and has the ability to stay cool even when it comes in contact with the skin. This cooling helps with brightening your complexion, reducing puffiness, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and promoting blood circulation. I have been using this for about 3-4 months now and yes, I have seen a huge difference on my face. This is how I use it, and I start with a clean fresh face. I always use a serum like my Niacinamide or my vit C , sometimes even my moisturizer and I apply medium pressure . Here's my step-by-step guide: Neck: I like to work from my neck upwards. Use the large oval side and roll up and down the neck, from one side to the other with medium pressure, to kick-start the lymphatic system. Jawline: Still using the large oval side, move to the mandibular bone (jawline), and start at the center of your chin. Work from the middle of the chin across towards your earlobe, and do five to six passes on each area as you work up the face. Repeat on the other side. Forehead: Next, move to the forehead, this time using the larger oval side. Start at the center. Work from the center across towards your outer temples, doing five to seven passes, and repeat on the other side. Then, cross by starting at the brows, and move upwards towards the hairline. Move it across the forehead. Eyes: Using the smaller end with medium pressure, gently roll from the inner corner towards the outer corner, up towards the brow bone. Make sure to get the undereye area and crow's feet. Roll back and forth, about 10 times. Repeat on the other side. My face looks much less puffier after using the jade roller, especially under my eyes. My skin has become more smoother and clearer , and just looks much less pale in the mornings. I promise, you will not regret investing on this.❣️
my night time skin care routine 🌜✨
hey guys! so i’ve been wanting to write about my night time skin care routine for a while now because i’m just obsessed with skincare lol. so this is my skin care routine, nothing CRAZZZY , it’s pretty simple and I use affordable products! 1. okay so firstly i remove any makeup that i might have been wearing that day using the reusable cloths that are good for the environment (and trust me.. they actually work!) but, if i wasn’t wearing any makeup that day then i skip this step and move on. VENICS - Makeup Removing Cloth Duo 2. next, i cleanse my face using Cetaphil - Daily Facial Cleanser. i absolutely loveeee this product because it is very gentle and has no perfumes (which can be damaging to the skin). this cleanser is very basic and can be found at literally any drugstore ever. when i cleanse my face, i make sure to be very gentle and use warm water to open up my pores a bit. 3. after i cleanse my face it’s time for toner! this just helps to remove any excess dirt, traces of oil, and makeup. it also can correct and balance the pH level of your skin and helps control acne! i am acne prone so the toner that i use is good for my acne Murad - Clarifying Toner. but, this can get expensive over time (around $25) so if i ever want to buy a cheaper version of this... i buy THAYERS - Rose Petal Facial Mistwhich is cheaper! (always make sure to get your products alcohol free!!!!) 4. nowww i use an acne serum The Ordinary - Retinol 0.5% in Squalanewhich works very well for my acne spots! 5. lastly, i use a moisturizer Cetaphil - Cetaphil Facial Night Creamwhich is very gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling healthy and refreshed! (and sometimes if i’m really feeling like going the extra step with my skincare, i’ll use VITAMASQUES - Jade Rollerto roll on my moisturizer). okay... that’s my night time skin care routine!! written out it looks really lengthy and drawn out but i promise this takes me about 5 minutes and it’s super simple!
So You Over-Exfoliated...Now What?!
Exfoliation is a key step in any proper skincare routine. However, too much of a good thing can cause alot of damage! Exfoliating removes the dead skin, oil and dirt and reveals a brighter complexion! There are 2 ways to exfoliate: Chemical- uses acids such as AHAs and BHAs to work below the surface of the skin. These don't just remove dead skin, but also improve the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, scarring and pores. Physical- process of physically sloughing away dead skin cells. Usually in the form of a scrub or brush like a Clarisonic. You are also physically exfoliating when you use a towel or makeup wipe on the face. ☆How to tell that you've over done it: Your skin could be red, dry and flaky, itchy, irritated and sensitive. Sometimes when this happens your normal routine doesn't feel good on the skin anymore! ●Chemical vs. Physical Using either a chemical or physical exfoliant too often can lead to the same results of irritated skin. Other times, you can be using an acid formula that is too potent and cause a mild chemical burn. Or, a scrub can be too harsh leaving you with micro abrasions that easily spread bacteria. ☆How to fix the skin from over exfoliation: Changing your routine may be necessary when your skin becomes compromised. Avoid any exfoliating products for atleast a week after, and incorporate more hydrating and soothing products instead. Here's some of my favorites: Krave - Great Barrier Relief My ultimate favorite serum for getting your skin's barrier back on track. It can be applied twice daily or as needed to hydrate, soothe and replenish moisture. CeraVe - Moisturizing Cream For Normal To Dry Skin This moisturizer is a straight forward formula that is rich enough to soothe flaky or cracked skin. It doesn't have alot of ingredients, so nothing will irritate the skin further. VITAMASQUES - Aloe Vera Hydro Jelly Sheet Mask As I mentioned in my recent sun burn relief post, aloe vera is the best match for a burn. This sheet mask provides instant, cooling relief if you fell victim to a chemical burn or severe dryness. I did take a star off due to added fragrance, so that is something to note if fragrance irritates your skin. THE inkey LIST - Rosehip Oil Sometimes nothing feels better on dry skin than a rich oil. Rosehip is very calming and works on all skin types. You can apply this in the evening, or throughout the day as necessary. I love using it after my moisturizer to seal in the hydration. Krave - Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser Lastly, another Krave Beauty product because cleansing with a gentle cleanser is essential when your skin is compromised! Overall, it is easier to avoid over-exfoliation to begin with. Only exfoliate a few times a week and be sure to always moisturize (morning and night). Your skin will thank you!


Facial Tools ! Gua Sha & RoseQuartz Roller
Facial Tools ! Gua Sha & RoseQuartz Roller
VITAMASQUES - Jade Roller it f
VITAMASQUES - Jade Roller it feels really good and helped with my dark circles
Jade Roller