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My Secret to Hydrated and Glowing Skin 🌟
So what’s the secret 🤫? 😱 my daytime routine is completely different from my nighttime routine! Okay, it’s not really a secret. But I have a few am and pm essentials! Skin cells regenerate while we sleep 💤 so it’s important to incorporate targeted products at different times of the day. 🌟Morning product line up: ▪️I start with a gentle cleanser like the Eminence Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Cleanser. It smells like mango 🥭 and doesn’t strip my skin of natural oils. ▪️A spritz of MARIO BADESCU - Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater gives me an extra boost of moisture and glow ✨ ▪️I am obsessed with the BABOR - Collagen Cream it is a miracle anti-aging cream that melts into my skin. It’s packed with skin firming peptides and hyaluronic acid. It’s on the pricier side but totally worth it! ▪️I top off my morning glow up with COOLA - Mineral Face SPF30 Matte Cucumber We mustn’t ever skip out on SPF. I love this formula because it’s matte and doesn’t cause streaky foundation. 🌙 Nighttime wind down: ▪️To wash away the day, I love the Doctor Babor Cleansing Foam. It removes dirt, makeup and preps my skin for major moisture intake. ▪️ For pesky makeup I can’t remove with my cleanser, I use REVITALASH COSMETICS - Micellar Water Lash Wash for stubborn liner and mascara. It’s not oily and lash extension safe. ▪️ 1-2x a week I use the DERMA•E - Overnight Peel . It brightens with non-abrasive AHAs and exfoliates while I sleep. I wake up with brighter, firmer skin. This one is a MUST-HAVE. If I don’t do a peel... ▪️I use a targeted eye cream, serum and the Doctor Babor Pro EGF & Collagen Cream before sleepy time. This moisturizer is fragrance free and supports the skin’s own natural rejuvenation process with polypeptides and epidermal growth factors.
New Product Alert⚠️
I recently started testing out some products from the new Doctor Babor Cleanformance line (they were gifted by the brand). The one I’m going to talk about today is the BABOR - Moisture Glow Cream ; I was super excited to try it because the description sounds so lovely👇🏻 (Product is $59.95 CAN) “This quick-absorbing and lightweight face cream delivers long-lasting moisture while balancing skin’s microbiome to combat premature aging. Light-reflecting pigments even skin tone and create a glowing, healthy looking complexion. • Over 95% naturally derived ingredients • Provides long-lasting hydration and helps to protect the skin barrier • With pre- & probiotics, hyaluronic acid, Red Maple Bark extract and Sugar Beet extract • Nourishes with vitamin E for immediately radiant and hydrated skin” The texture is lightweight and it has a light clean, fresh scent. I started testing this out as my AM moisturizer and right from the first use I noticed my skin was a bit red after applying but I have super sensitive skin so that didn’t alarm me and I kept testing it. It sinks into the skin really quickly and nicely but it wasn’t quite as hydrating as I’d like and did sting my skin a bit. After trying it for a few days, my skin seemed to start reacting to the product more strongly and I hadn’t added anything else new so I figured this must be the culprit. My skin was extremely red, hot, and my one cheek actually appeared to have some raised bumps. I immediately washed it off my face and have since passed it on to a friend of mine as I couldn’t bring myself to try it again. Overall, I think this would be a nice moisturizer maybe for oilier skin, but definitely not for anyone with sensitive skin or rosacea (like me). I do have other products from the line that I may still test out, but this cream has found a new home!


Light but effective
Light but effective
Babor Enzyme Cleanser is very gentle but effective. It exfoliates very well while still being gentle. It doesn't bother my sensitive skin, but it's strong enough to clean all the dirt. I love how It makes my skin very soft and smooth. I use it often and it lasts quite a while. I recommend this for anyone who easily gets large pores and oily skin. If you have dry skin and you want to try this product, use only 1-2 times a week and make sure you use nourishing moisturizer after.BABOR - Enzyme Cleanser
Enzyme Cleanser
BABOR-Enzyme Cleanser
Babor Cleansing
Babor Cleansing
I’ve been enjoying these cleansing products kindly sent over by Babor ⁣ First up is a cleansing duo. You start with the Hy-öl cleansing oil and massage into dry skin. I really work this over my eyes to loosen up mascara. Second I apply the phytoactive hydro base and work it into the skin on top of the oil. It creates a foamy texture but these two combined are just wow! Removes all traces of makeup and leaves skin feeling so soft, clean, and moisturized due to the oil cleansing. I was really impressed with this duo. ⁣ ⁣ Next up is the Rose Toning Essence- I’ve never actually used an essence before, I know they’re supposed to aid and prep the skin in absorption of serums and moisturizers. I’m quite a fan of this one, it feels like it sinks into the skin and preps it for the next steps in my routine. It has a lovely light rose scent that is wonderfully relaxing and feels so luxurious. ⁣ ⁣ Overall I did enjoy these! Just a disclaimer again that all of these are fairly heavily fragranced. Many people avoid fragrance in skincare as a preference. Personally it Doesn’t bother me and my skin isn’t affected by it but if you are it’s just something to keep in mind! ⁣
Cleansing HY-OL
BABOR-Cleansing HY-OL
Babor Perfect Glow ampoule is
Babor Perfect Glow ampoule is new to me! I decided to try it because it was in their advent calendar. The packaging is a glass bottle that you snap the top off. You are meant to apply the entire amount of product to your face. I find the amount of product is too much. I had to layer the product on my face 3 times ( including my neck and chest) just to finish it. I didn’t want to just throw it away. However I think this product made me break out. After using it I noticed little bumps all over my face, especially my forehead. I wouldn’t recommend this product because of that but everyone’s skin reacts differently and since it was part of an advent calendar I can’t say with certainty that this ampoule was the culprit. BABOR - Perfect Glow
Perfect Glow
BABOR-Perfect Glow