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The ingredients for this seemed very impressive. I really like the idea of fermented skincare but I don’t think this product did anything differently than a regular moisturizer would. It is a thick and deeply hydrating lotion that is easy to work with. It spreads nicely on the skin and has a nice fresh scent. This is not a bad product but I don’t think this is worth the money. $40 for 4oz. It didn’t doing anything special for me to want to repurchase this. I’ll stick to aveeno and cerave for now. If you’re interested in this I say go for it because again it is not a bad product. It does everything it claims to do but that is not enough for me to buy again. WHAMISA - Organic Flowers Lotion Double Rich
Organic Flowers Lotion Double Rich
WHAMISA-Organic Flowers Lotion Double Rich
Best Oil EVER!
Best Oil EVER!
This is hands down the best facial oil I have ever tried. It smells great and feels amazing on the skin. Even with skipping a day of use, my face feels sooo soft! The best part is this product has nothing bad in it! No parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, or fragrance. Just pure flower and plant extracts! WHAMISA - Organic Flowers Facial Oil
Organic Flowers Facial Oil
WHAMISA-Organic Flowers Facial Oil
Used this Whamisa Organic Deep
Used this Whamisa Organic Deep Rich Toner yesterday and I must tell ya people 😍 it was a wonderful experience 👌🏻👌🏻 It smelled wonderful. This is a toner but lightly thicker in consistency. My skin feels so bouncy and fresh. Like a sponge over saturated with water 😀This is my very first time using it, so I don’t know if it will break me out or cause any issues in the coming days. But so far so good 👌🏻👌🏻Smells so beautiful. Enjoyed layering it 7 times. I think I will start doing this elaborate ritual more often. Maybe on the weekends. .
Organic Flowers Toner Deep Rich
WHAMISA-Organic Flowers Toner Deep Rich