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I discovered the niche British
I discovered the niche British brand Miller Harris on Sephora before it got pulled from the US. Created by British perfumer Lyn Harris who trained in Paris & Grasse. I love her scents they’re so unique. I can get them off of Selfridges now but for a while it was really hard to grab the scents after they pulled out of the US market My favorites are: L’Air de Rien (musk and amber with old books, earthy moss & dry vanilla), L’Eau Magnetic (think seaside air), Fleur Oriental (the spicy oriental that made me give up YSL Opium). Some of the deeper sexy scents are Feuilles de Tabac and La Fumee Ottoman while Rose en Noir is a grown up rose with a green earthy hint, no fake or sickeningly sweet rose
L'Eau Magnetic Eau de Parfum
Miller Harris PERFUMER LONDON-L'Eau Magnetic Eau de Parfum