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F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics 'Gre
F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics 'Green Dragon' Legendary Foil Have you guys seen these foiled pigments yet?? They're popping up every where lately and FAIR Beauty has some of the prettiest ones that I've seen. Seriously, make sure that you swipe through the carousel because Green Dragon is a sight to behold! It's the most beautiful, bold green and then it has a cool (blue to purple) and warm (gold to pink) shift. It's mesmerizing. Here's what you need to know: the Legendary Foils come in 5 gram jars and retail for $15. They're cruelty free, vegan and available in 8 colors so far. They're the same type of formula as the Tammy fairy pollens. They cost a bit more because they're 5x bigger than the Pollens (5 grams vs less than 1 gram). And they ARE eye safe. It's confusing because there's similar looking products on the market that are strictly for nails and body art. While they may look the same, they're made of entirely different materials. That being said, you still need to exercise caution when using these because they're messy af. They MUST be used with some type of sticky base. My preference is either NYX glitter glue or Lit Cosmetics glitter adhesive. And use a generous amount, don't be stingy. I use the Foils almost like a topper, over a solid lid color. You don't have to use as much product and there's less texture.
Green Dragon
F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics-Green Dragon
Eyeshadows from F.A.I.R. Beaut
Eyeshadows from F.A.I.R. Beauty Cosmetics ($6) Fair is indie brand based out of Miami. Her line is inspired by mythology and fairy tales has a very whimsical type vibe. All of her products are beautiful and made with love. Oh and her entire line in vegan! Pele's Passion is a red and gold marbled shadow. It can look more red or more gold depending on how you angle your brush . Dionysus' Crown is a vibrant blue purple. I remember loving this type of color back in the day but they were always a pain in the ass to work with. But these indies know what they're doing! This is an excellent purple, very smooth and pigmented . Woodland Sprite is a soft seafoam green with gold iridescence . Echidna's Monsters is a really pretty blue green duochrome with gold shimmer . Vulcan's Forge is a matte black with subtle red sparkle Also I'm very excited to say that Fair has been working on formulating mattes! Vulcan's Forge is her first one that's for sale but it does have a hint of sparkle which makes it a little easier to blend (and possibly to formulate?). But there's definitely more to come! I always get super excited about trying indie mattes because they're so difficult to formula. I have complete confidence that Fair's will be amazing!
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