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K beauty sheet masks are the best👻
As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I am a huge fan of all kinds of cream masks, as they are easy to apply and won’t mess up when you would like to do something at the same time of caring your skin. But there are just times when I would want to try out some sheet masks. And as you may know, Korean beauty is quite good at making all kinds of funny and maybe useful sheet masks. So one day I just searched online and bought some sheet masks and tested them out. Below is the winner and it has become an essential product in my face mask collection. ◇ What is it: Huxley Secret of Sahara Mask Oil and Extract ◇ How much does it cost and where to buy: you could buy three pieces at about $13 at amazon. It’s affordable! ◇ What do I use it for and when: I mostly rely on these to provide enough moisture when I am traveling or am in desperate need of extra moisture after maybe using products with acid or using high-tech tools. And it’s even more about turning myself off, just sitting there wearing a sheet mask, and set aside some time for meditation. These sheet masks are super travel-friendly so I would always take one or two with me when I am travelling. And then after a long and perhaps chaotic day, I would give my skin and myself a treat. And there is a combination of prickly pear seed oil and cactus extract which claims to be antioxidants. ◇ How to use it: this is also perhaps why I have chosen this one to repurchase among all the K-beauty masks. It needs you to take several kinda tricky steps to mix the serum with the sheet, by folding over the bottom pouch three times and apply pressure until the pouch pops, pushing the gel-oil into the top pouch. And then it’s time to enjoy the mixture’s moisturizing and soothing. ◇ The results: I can see that my face is plump and healthy from being fully hydrated. And since it’s quite affordable and easy to buy, I would consider it not a bad idea to prepare some in advance in case sometimes you just want to try this Korean method of taking care of the skin!


🌌 We are beautiful like diamo
🌌 We are beautiful like diamonds in the sky. The candle & hand cream smells like fresh greens 🌿 with hints of floral 💐 and a tiny smidgen of musk. The scent is truly addicting and I can't stop smelling it. 🤤 Here's a tiny, fun fact about me: I am a huge fan of snow globes. In my future dream home, I'd have a room full of pretty snow globes and bougie AF candles.
This is an essence that I pref
This is an essence that I prefer using on its own and not layer it with any other essence. The texture is thick and oily. I like it because it forms a layer on the skin that helps with dryness. Smells nice too. 
Oil Essence; Essence-like, Oil-like
Huxley-Oil Essence; Essence-like, Oil-like
Huxley products review. So far
Huxley products review. So far I've been really enjoying them. The huxley cleansing water is super effective yet moisturizing, and the cleansing gel is a gentle foaming cleanser that doesn't feel stripping.  These both have a rather strong scent but I actually really love how they smell. Kind of a fresh floral that smells like real flowers.
naturalpacific floral calendul
naturalpacific floral calendula toner - I love this! I use it as a pre-toner toner (I'm so extra I know) before my heavier, more essence-like toner. It has great, clean ingredients and a watery hydrating texture. huxley brightly ever after essence - I really like this milky essence. It's very moisturizing! huxley glow awakening cream - this cream is quite thick and rich . bioclarity hydrate skin smoothie - it's LOVELY. Perfect for combo-to-oily skin. It feels like a lightweight oil-free moisturizer but it has nourishing chlorophyll, argan oil and jojoba oil, ceramides (!!!), Vitamin C, licorice root extract, you name it. Feels like nothing on the skin but manages to moisturize well because the lightweight oils soak right in.
I still love this duo. This Hu
I still love this duo. This Huxley cleansing set would make an awesome gift! The cleansing water is super moisturizing and the gel cleanser is gentle, low pH, and luxuriously foamy. And it has the lush floral scent that Huxley is known for (and that I personally love). Price is pretty good; it's $50 for the set.
My quick shower masking

☘️ es
My quick shower masking ☘️ espa 3-in-1 as a cleanser and very-very gentle massage with jojoba beads before shower. ☘️ elemis papaya enzyme peel while taking a shower. Do you know guys that enzymes work better on wet skin? So shower is the best place for enzyme masks. ☘️ huxley healing mask after shower . In two words: I do not like it but should use it up somehow 🙈
Papaya Enzyme Peel
ELEMIS-Papaya Enzyme Peel