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I love my vibrating flat iron
I love my vibrating flat iron from Kimblehaircare. It uses 1.5in tourmaline ceramic plates that heat up very fast and run through the hair silky smooth. This is my first time trying a vibrating flat iron, but I already see why I was missing it all along. Vibrations of the plates help to remove any bends, kinks and creases in my hair, so that every stroke leaves my hair nice and straight. I no longer experience damaged hair and don't have to re-straighten it over and over again. I can go from messy curly hair to straight and silky smooth in matter of few minutes. Going out, my husband is happy that he doesn't have to wait nearly as long for my "5 more minutes" to end. Now, if only I could speed up my makeup process.... 🤔
Vibrating Flat Iron
kim kimble-Vibrating Flat Iron