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These are my favourite (and essential) eye makeup brushes to create perfectly blended eyeshadow looks. Here they are in the same order as the first photo: Pencil Brush: Jessup 230 Lux Pencil Brush. This is a mixed synthetic and natural bristle makeup brush. I got this for quite cheap on eBay in a travel kit Jessup BEAUTY - Luxury T264[] and I think it’s one of the only brushes I’ve kept from the kit. It’s very soft! My favourite way to use this brush is for putting on inner corner highlight. Inner corner highlighter helps open up the eyes—scroll through the photos for an example. Blending Brush: Hakuhodo J5523. This is a beautiful Japanese makeup brush is 100% soft goat hair, and I bought this for $19. I’ve had this brush for years and it’s worth its weight in gold. This brush is perfect for creating beautifully blended eyeshadow. With this, I use the lightest touch and it’s almost as if the eyeshadow blends itself! It's very similar to the MAC 217 MAC - 217S Synthetic Blending Brush[] (Hakuhodo actually makes the MAC brushes for them). Shading Brush: MAC 239. MAC - 239S Synthetic Eye Shader Brush[] This is a natural bristle brush that costs $26.50. It’s perfect for packing shades on the lid—it picks up colors easily from your palette so you can really pack the shade onto your lid (before blending out with a J5523!). It’s a flat, dense, and versatile brush—just like the J5523, I’ve had this for a very long time. Blending Brush: Real Techniques Fluffy Blender. I bought this about 7 years ago in an eye kit that RT doesn’t make anymore, but any large, fluffy synthetic brush should do the trick. I actually don’t use this brush to apply any eyeshadow. I use it to make sure my eyeshadow is well blended at the edges. This brush looks most similar from RTREAL TECHNIQUES - Perfect Crease Duo[] Detail Brush: Real Techniques Accent Brush. REAL TECHNIQUES - Detailer Brush[] This tiny brush is from the same kit as my other Real Techniques brush. This is the perfect little brush for blending eyeshadow on the lower lashline. It’s tiny enough so that you don’t look like a panda after blending out the eyeshadow, but blending eyeshadow under your eyes makes the entire look appear much more cohesive (and professional!)