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J-Beauty: Lotions
I'm probably a bit biased from my years studying Japanese, but I don't think j-beauty/skincare gets as much attention as it deserves; it's an incredible nexus of ancient traditions and cutting edge technology. No shade to k-beauty, which I also love, but I wanted to talk about Japanese lotions since they're often confused with other products because they share the same name. Lotions are, for the most part, a toner/essence hybrid that provides hydration and preps the skin for the products applied next. By that description, they lean towards being more like toners, but it varies- most are thin and watery in texture, but some are more viscous, so coupled with the fact that some lotions brighten or soothe in addition to providing moisture, the terms are used somewhat interchangeably. Here are some that I've used: ▪️ SHISEIDO - Eudermine Revitalizing Essence obviously isn't labelled as one, but it's described as a softening lotion since it both hydrates and contains enzymes to gently exfoliate/brighten ▪️ DHC - CoQ10 Lotion is listed as a toner, but also has anti-aging properties from the antioxidant coenzyme Q10 ▪️ LenaJapon - Moist Balance Lotion Rich is super thick, and actually meant to be used in lieu of a moisturizer, so it's not as easy for serums to sink in afterwards ▪️ BEAUTY PIE - JAPANFUSION HYDRA PREP LOTION (STEP M1) does pretty much exactly what its name says, but can also be applied multiple times (as some mists or essences are) for extra moisture ▪️ SEKKISEI - SEKKISEI Lotion also identifies as a toner, but does way more than just hydrate- it reduces pigmentation, evens texture, and refines pores


I’ve been using Beauty Pie pro
I’ve been using Beauty Pie products for just over two weeks now and oh my goodness are they worth it ❤️ - I was seriously lacking in moisture in the eye area. All the eye creams I tried didn’t seem to have any major impact on my puffy, dark circles and noticeable crinkles at the sides 😫 - After 2 weeks the puffiness is gone. Dark circles? Bye 👋🏼 and the crinkly wrinkles, soooo much finer and less noticeable.
Hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid
I was just watching sarahjossel on this morning. I'm really glad she mentioned applying Hyaluronic acid to damp skin as this makes it more effective. This is something a lot of people don't realise, especially if you're a newbie to Hyaluronic. . Hyaluronic is a humectant, so when applied to dry skin it can actually pull moisture from the lower layers causing dry, tight skin. . I've just finished this one by beautypie a bit tacky on the skin but it does the job. However, it's not my favourite so I'm running right back to my one and only Vichy mineral 89 serum. 💙
I have always, always had dark
I have always, always had dark under eyes but I can still appreciate when an eye cream plumps and slightly slightly brightens my skin. These are my thoughts on three eye creams • Beauty Pie Uber Youth is my favourite because I get quite dry under my eyes and this is the perfect cream to slather on at night and wake up with perfectly plump eyes! No stinging or irritation at all. No guilt for using too much either because it’s so affordable 8.5/10 . • Drunk Elephants C tango is also a favourite but I find I sometimes want a bit more moisture and for the price I can’t justify 2 large pumps! This is hydrating but I don’t get a huge plumping effect therefore I’d give it 7.5/10 . • Aurelia revitalise and brighten eye dew is the perfect light eye cream, however if you are looking for rich moisture this is not the one for you. This is best used in the morning and will give you a fresh-looking glow but not a whole lot of hydration once it dries down. Therefore I’d give it a 6.5/10
C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream
DRUNK ELEPHANT-C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream
Face, base etc:
Beauty Pie Jap
Face, base etc: Beauty Pie Japanfusion Hydra Prep Lotion (now don't that sound nice) - great product for layering moisture. soap and glory one heck of a blot collection cosmetics lasting perfection concealer, one of THE best concealers EVER. Lovely, uniform finish and even great for extreme oiliness as transcends into a lovely glow. I'm not even mad about not powdering with this one on. vichy booster quotidien - just started using, lovely non sticky and respectable hydration. Made me happy.
Lasting Perfection Concealer
COLLECTION-Lasting Perfection Concealer
The beautypie One Powder Wonde
The beautypie One Powder Wonder, that was £6, yes just £6 is the absolute dream. This weightless powder covers a range of needs and its universal shade suits any skin tone too. It blots, blends and blurs, perfect for setting makeup in the morning, after the lunchtime gym session or pre-night out. What’s more, its ultra-fine formula reduces the risk of caking. So many powders have left me looking like a ghost in photos and it's not the feel i'm going for unless it's October 31st. I have naturally oily skin and I like a bit of dewy, glow, but full on oil slick is not a great vibe. I can't wait to test this powder out over the next few months and wave goodbye to oil once and for all 👋🏼
One Powder Wonder
BEAUTY PIE-One Powder Wonder
I'm enjoying using the 💖pixib
I'm enjoying using the 💖pixibeauty rose tonic which seems to get on better with my skin then their much acclaimed glow tonic. The rose tonic is gentle in nature and seems to really do a good job of drawing impurities out from my skin. 💖 Firstaidbeauty repair cream I tend to use at night as it's very rich for my oily skin, it does a great job of plumping my skin over night for a glowy and healthy complexion the following day. 💖Beautypie Japan fusion serum, I've been using consistently in the morning for weeks now. Yet to review on this. 💖Millionaire beauty super nova also used at night to help with bringing about a more brighter and healthier complexion.