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Hey Guys! So today I am gonna be showcasing an Aggretsuko themed makeup look! If you do not know I am a huge anime nerd aka Otaku to the fullest. I discovered Aggretsuko a year or two ago on Netflix and it has easily become one of my fav animes! So today I did a look based off of Retsuko who is the main character! She is a cute Red Panda who secretly loves to sing Metal at her fav Karaoke bar to deal with the stresses of life lol. I chose to do sweet Aggretsuko today so I have a monochromatic orange-yellow look with white liner! And a simple light coverage foundation and blush. THE EYE LOOK: For the eye look I simply took two Palettes : Juvia's PLACE - The Festival Palette The Festival by Juvias place in the color Oro and mixed it with COLOURPOP - Perception Perception Shayla x Colourpop in the color Thic! I mixed the two together on my eyelid using a fluffy brush to blend it out and the using a flat top brush for under my eyes to continue the color! THE CRAYON CASE - Box of Crayons Palette I then used the Box of Crayons palette in the color white and mixed it with inglot to make the white liner. Inglot Duraline is a mixer and I love it! It lets you take any eyeshadow and make it liner as well as help revive dried up products with a few drops. Life saving! INGLOT - Duraline For my face : I simply used concealer and a little total control NYX foundation in color mahogany. I love the colors in the Juvias festival palette because they are filled with beautiful festival pigments and the application was smooth. I also loved how the Shayla x colourpop palette was super pigmented and layered well! NYX - Total Control Drop Foundation NYX total control foundation is one of my favs when I’m trying to do little coverage because I can easily manipulate it and it’s literally my perfect color! I hope you guys enjoy this look! It’s not perfect but I’m learning! Comment below some of your fav anime shows and any other inspo looks you’d like to see! Thanks for being amazing on here as I dive into learning eyeshadow! BESOS 😘


I’ve never been in love with m
I’ve never been in love with matte lippies until I found these! I’m in a mission to collect them all! I’ve already found my new daily favorite 😍😍
Hall Pass Lip Gloss Collection
THE CRAYON CASE-Hall Pass Lip Gloss Collection
Here's swatches of the crayonc
Here's swatches of the crayoncase Watch Me Blush Palette that can be used on the eyes & face. It's a 10 pan palette with 5 mattes + shimmers. Mostly nude but with some pops of color. The mattes perform mostly well with bold pigmentation that's still easy to blend. Cobbler & Tangerine are problematic for me though. They're sheer & chalky. However, they both work okay as transition shade. You just have to build for your life. The shimmers are BEAUTIFUL though! 🤩 Gorgeous buttery smooth formula with tons of pigment + shimmer. I love using Cappuccina & Sweet Tea as a highlighter for my face.
Watch Me Blush Palette
THE CRAYON CASE-Watch Me Blush Palette