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How do I get rid of greasy hair through these methods
As an experienced greasy hair girl, I have done so many struggles with my oily scalp. An overly greasy hair would lead to uncomfortable itching and hair falling flat. Oily flat fine hair is definitely my nightmare. I have to wash my hair almost everyday. Because if I didn’t wash my hair the day before, my hair would be a mess the next day. Washing hair is the basic as well as the main method to fix oily hair. While as I have struggled with greasy hair for a long time, I summarized many ways to get rid of the grease of hair. Let me share with you.   1. About washing hair As I said before, washing hair must be the basic thing to do for oily hair. According to expert advice, people with really oily hair need to shampoo up once a day, since shampooing helps to remove excess oil and dirts left in the scalp. However, wash hair more than once a day is not recommended. Because over shampooing can strip your scalp of its natural oil which is supposed to protect your scalp and hair roots.   2. Avoid products with silicone Oily hair is supposed to wash with silicone free shampoo. Silicone is used for smoothing hair and adding shine. Simultaneously, it will build up on the hair and make it look oil and weighed down. If you're looking for a silicone free shampoo, I recommend you the shampoo I'm using— RENE FURTERER - Forticea Energizing Shampoo. I bought the one Forticea. It is designed for all hair types. It has lightweight formula which provides effectively cleansing for hair at the same without bringing any burden to hair as it's silicone free. As far as I used, I enjoy everytime it gently treat my hair and scalp.   3. Fast way to get rid of hair oil There is always such a moment, your hair has become oily but you are in a hurry to go out and have no time to wash your hair, then how to get rid of the oil quickly? Dry shampoo is a savior in a pinch. The best dry shampoo I've used is the Living proof. - Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo. It can absorb oil, sweat and odor, make my hair become clean and fresh in a second. The best product for rapidly saving greasy hair. If a dry shampoo is not within your budget, a baby powder can also accomplish this task.
2 Shampoos for thinning hair Battle! This or That?👉
Because my hair is thin, it doesn't look much. But now, due to increasing pressure and staying up late, my hair is getting less and less. Thin hair is a big problem for me. Therefore, I have been searching for useful shampoo products.   KLORANE - Detox Shampoo With Aquatic Mint $18/400ML       This is a shampoo that I really like. This product is a kind of medicine shampoo. The silicone-free ingredients make us feel comfortable to use. One of the important reasons why I recommend this shampoo is that its soothing effect is very good, it can deeply clean the pores of the hair. One of the reasons for our serious hair loss is that your scalp is exposed to the air every day. Car exhaust and environmental pollution will make our scalp unhealthy. Without the characteristics of traditional active ingredients, this soothing formula has a natural anti-inflammatory effect, and has a remarkable antibacterial effect due to a new generation of detergents. Generally speaking, I use this shampoo twice a week. Use this to give my hair a deep cleaning. Because of its natural ingredients, this shampoo does not produce much foam. We can equip ourselves with relevant tools. After using it, you will feel that you are a walking mint with fresh taste, which is especially suitable for summer use. The most importantly, because of it, my thin hair will become very light and fluffy. At the same time, I feel my scalp is relaxed and smooth without any burden.   RENE FURTERER - Forticea Energizing Shampoo $23/250ML Another shampoo is a product that I need to refuse. I used to like this shampoo because the shampoo utilizes natural Guarana for an energizing effect, and a cocktail of Orange, Lavender and Rosemary microbeads which deliver essential oils benefits directly to the scalp as the shampoo is massaged into a lather. But then I found that although this product can make my hair look more, this effect is temporary. At the same time, this effect comes from its strong cleaning power, which also causes my hair to be very, very dry and rough after using it, even if I have used a conditioner. Have you tried them before? Do you like or hate them?


A really good detangler - but no heat protectant
A really good detangler - but no heat protectant
RENE FURTERER - Style Straightening Gel If you’re JUST looking for a detangler / straightening gel, this stuff is great. But there’s no heat protectant- and not sure about you, but I don’t like to weigh down my hair with multiple products! It’s good if you’re not heat styling!
Style Straightening Gel
RENE FURTERER-Style Straightening Gel