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Detangle Free
The best hair detangler specially if your hair is thick! I love this one and I bought it from Winners for 8$ and it is super worth it. I tagged a product but it’s not from the same place but it’s exactly the same! Also, when you’re brushing your hair and it’s hurting your scalp it means you are doing it too hard! Please be gentle!! Take care of your hair as much as you take care of your face 🤗
Different detangling tools do different things
There are so many different ways to detangle your hair. There is a paddle brush, which is a large and flat brush with air cushions and plastic bristles. It is very flexible due to the air cushions that the bristles sit and and that helps contouring to your head and hair shape. Paddle brushes are great for detangling and smoothing out hair. Next, there is the wide tooth comb, which have large teeth to comb through the hair. They can be made from plastic or wood and are great for detangling and even parting hair. These are the most like fingers when it comes to detangling and cause less ripping compared to other methods. On the opposite end of wide tooth combs are fine tooth combs which can be used to detangle, but are less recommended because the fine teeth snag and rip hair. You can also detangle hair with a regular hair brush, your fingers, and other specialized detangling tools. For your edges, you want to brush them out with a soft edge brush or soft toothbrush. Also, you can comb them out with an edge comb or fine tooth comb but just be caution because edges are very fragile and require good care. I personally like going in with different detangling methods throughout my wash day and styling process. I usually start off with a quick detangling using my fingers to get out difficult knots that the mechanical tools may rip through. I then go in with the wide tooth comb and make multiple passes until it goes through smoothly. Finally, I use a brush (paddle, detangling, or regular depending on what I pick up) and go through my hair again until smooth. This usually ensures me the best detangling process. Also, it is important to remember to detangle only when hair is wet or damp and best when there is product applied to minimize breakage.
Easy Beachy Wave Tip🏖
Today I want to share a few tips on how to make sexy bohemia wavy hair withs salon finish.parting your hair is something you do everyday. To start curling, begin with clean towel -dried hair. Apply a coin size of heat protection on the hair. Remember we discussed how important heat protection is. AVOID SCALP! It’s not just the chemicals that is not safe to touch the scalp. We are only applying on areas to prevent from heat damage. (Im assuming you won’t burn your scalp with iron hah) Then just use fingers to run product from root to end. You can use comb to apply it more evenly. Normally I like to start up with 180℃, I try not to go to maximum temperature to burn my hair. Then next step is to pull the hair half way up. Section is just gonna make your curling easier and a better finish look. Tip #1. Start with small portions. You want the hair get evenly heated and you don’t want to spend the whole day doing your hair. Normally a good practice is try to get the bottom half of the hair in maximum 8 portions Tip#2 Start off with the root with the iron, then twist it around the iron and slide it down (curl up) and works the way till the end slowly and smoothly. In this way you will get entire strand from the iron. remember to do it all the way to the end. No hooks girls. We want springy curls. Tip# 3 Let the curl set on your iron no more than 15 seconds and let it cool down. And don’t forget the root! Tip#4 Wait till you finish the whole curling process, pray with hair spray, and brush it out in the end. It might look too curly at the moment but no worries it will go back through out the day (just like when you curl your eyelashes) the final step is to keep the curl a little big longer and when you brush it out together, it kind of put everything together for a more natural finish.Schwarzkopf - Osis+ Freeze Pump Spray 200ml Curling iron is hard to use at first. Its not necessary to buy an expensive iron. You can even use flat iron if you already have one. It’s more about practice. Remind me to share some tips to create curls with flat iron. Eventually you will figure your own way of creating a beautiful waves in your individual style and you will learn how to curve your hair correctly and effective. Good Luck!