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Quarantine hobby: Nail stamping 💅🏾
I spent the first three months of quarantine staying with friends so I wouldn’t go stir crazy from isolation. During that time, one of my friends introduced me to nail-stamping and I was hooked. Before this, it had been years since I’d painted my nails because I hated using nail polish remover. (I am more of a let the polish chip away person.) Soon enough, I got the Maniology - Forever Young: Nail Stamping Starter Kit Plates, Polishes, Scraper, & Stamper and only had to pay for the cost of shipping. The kit comes with a stamped, scraper, two plates and two mini polishes. More than enough bang for my $7.99. From there, I admit I went a little crazy getting nail polishes from ILNP, OPI, other stampers, etc., BUT I used an Amazon gift card to finance my new habit so 🤷🏾‍♀️. For the my current mani completed on July 5, I knew I wanted to use my new OPI - OPI Nail Lacquer polish with my marble plate. As you can tell from my collage, I initially wanted to have a matte white (from Sinful Colors) accent nail on my ring fingers. But I hated how it looked. The rose gold marbled look could stand on its own. I love how it turned out and it reminds me of the crackle nail polish that I had a while ago with none of the texture. Here are some tips:  100 percent acetone or bust: Use 100 percent acetone to clean your plates properly. Regular nail polish remover has oils that will prevent your polish from settling in the groves, which will result in the stamped not picking up the images.  Not all polish is created equal: There are specific polishes that are meant for stamping. Stamping polishes tend to have opacity in the first stamp. You can use stamping polishes for your base color, but you might not be able to use regular polish to stamp. It can be a trial-and-error process. Favorite stamping polishes: Maniology, Painted Polish and Pueen. A clean plate is a happy plate: Be sure to clean the image on the plate your are stamping after each use. You can’t layer polish over dried polish that is trapped in the wells. Lint roller or tape: To get your stamper clean after each stamp swipe the stamper face over the sticky side of the tape or roller. It will pull any remaining polish or lint from it. Can see clearly now: I love the clear ice cube stampers from Maniology because you can see through to the nail to see where you are placing the imagine. THE CLAW: To combat damage, I got cotton claws so I wouldn’t have to hold the acetone-soaked cotton round while cleaning a plate. POBC: Peel-off base coats are your friends. I use them when I know I am going to want to do more than one set in a certain time. Favorite one: Unt’s POBC is the one I used. What are some of the hobbies you’ve picked up during quarantine?