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Miss Argentina from beetlegeuse! Halloween 2020
So for Halloween this year, I spent it indoors and literally wore this look for an hour, tops 😂 It took me about 2 hours to do this full look! I didn’t document it because it was super messy 😂 but here’s how it went: first I used mehron - Fantasy Fx Makeup Water Based to paint my face, chest, arms, and back. Basically whatever showed above the dress. This stuff is an amazing color base if you ever wanted to do a look that paints your full body! It’s dries on and is smudge proof, but comes off really easily with warm water (and sweat). It does show up a bit thin so a couple layers works best. Also, because it’s water based, sponges soak this thing up QUICK. I used a dense foundation brush to put this all over myself and that worked great. Note that if you do more than two layers, this makeup does crust up. next I did my eyeshadow and contouring with HUDA BEAUTY - Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in EMERALD. I used the darkest green in this palette to contour my nose, cheeks, and eyelids for that sunken look. It didn’t work super well tho 😂 I also used some of the lighter colors on my lid for that extra pop. I topped off the look with a bold red lip and filled in my brows as usual for the wig, I took a curly red wig with bangs from spirit and pinned all the curls to the top of my head in random placements. Special FX makeup is hard! I’ve never really done it, so I know my look isn’t amazing. I had fun though and def want to try more daring makeup looks in the future!