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Full Pedicure at Home-Save Time + $$
I love pedicures. I feel like they are such a luxury experience. It is definitely pricey and can add up if you are on a regular frequency. They are really easy to do on your own. Today I want to share my step-by-step pedicure at Home. I have this callus remover tool that I really love to use. It helps to remove all the dead skin. Normally I like to use it on the heals and rough areas as well as the side of big toe. Callused skin is uncomfortable and unpleasant. And I usually do this step in shower. I would follow up with an exfoliation. Or use a foot bath.Soaking the feet during a pedicure can be a really relaxing and enjoyable experience. sumbody - Ginger Jasmine Vanilla Whipped Sugar Scrub This is like a sugar scrub and smells amazing. I just apply this all over my leg and work it down to my feet. You want to make sure the your foot is baby soft after exfoliation with no dead skin cells before moving to the actually parting step. You can also Put a quarter-sized amount of moisturizing lotion into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together, and do a massage. Make sure you moisturize the gap between the toes. I would start with a manicure kid where I got from target with buffer, nail files, trimmer and nail clipper. I would also use a 100% pure acetone and some cotton balls as cleaning. I like this shape of container and I feel like its super easy to work with especially you are doing everything at home by yourself. you can pop top, take a jumbo cotton ball to clean the leftover nail polish and cleaning your nails.


The Perfect Glow in a Bottle
The Perfect Glow in a Bottle
Want the perfect radiant glow? Look no further than Honest Beauty’s Vitamin C Serum! This product contains all natural ingredients and leaves your skin with a gorgeous dewy finish! The serum packs a punch and is affordable for the amount you get (a full ounce). Highly recommend!sumbody - Vitamin C Serum (selected sumbody serum as Honest Beauty was not available -it’s a great option as well!)
Vitamin C Serum
sumbody-Vitamin C Serum