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Nail Art Stamping 101 - $5 Nail Stamping Kit
If you’re looking for inspiration for nail art at home, then you come to the right place! A good thing about stamping nails is that it is fast and easy (comparing with painting) and it is super affordable. You can get different looks by changing the base colors and patterns. The fact is if you’ve ever attempted nail stamping, you’ll know that it’s not necessarily as easy as those Tiktok videos. Today I want to sharei some tips tricks and hacks on how to stamp your nails perfectly As always, start your nail design with a good base coat to protect your natural nails. This will also protect them from staining. Remember to use 2 coats for best opacity. And make sure that the base coat is completely dry before stamping. For stamping you will need: a stamper a scraper and a stamping plate. 1. Look for a good stamping polish. (Normally more pigmented than normal polish) 2. Put a tick layer of polish on the stamping image 3. To scrape off the excess polish, Hold the scraper that comes with your stamper, at a 45-degree angle to the plate and scrape quickly and lightly *Working quickly is the key* 4. Using tapes quickly clean off the extra pattern 5. Pushing your nail straight into the image instead of rolling it over it 6. Wait until the stamping has dried before top coat picture polish - Classic Nail Polish SHANY - Stamping Nail Art Image Plate Holder/Scraper/Stamper All in One Set picture polish - Stamping Plate Crazy Cat Lady