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“You don’t look like someone who’s sick at all”
HAHA Just because I’m sick it doesn’t mean i cant make an effort to look somehow presentable (???) Hi! It’s been a while since the last time i posted! I hope you guys are doing well, safe and sound. It’s still a scary situation we’re in right now but i know we’ll get through it all 🤗 🤗 As you can see I’m not feeling too well (at least I wasn’t when i took these pictures! Haha im sure you can sense the cranky energy in them!) but its not stopping me to look decent. Especially when you’ve got to meet your partner’s coworkers at an office party, so yikes. Pop some advil and professional look is coming your way. I know these pictures don’t really do it’s justice knowing ive got snapchat filters on but it pretty much shows the concept/idea what kinda look i was trying to achieve that night. Cocktail party-ish but not too much glam. And this time im wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Make Up. Guys. Im sure youve heard a lot of good things about this Foundation but trust me; THEY DIDNT LIE. This is hands down my favourite Foundation (and then the Loreal Infallible Foundation comes after this one🤣). I have very oily skin and foundations tend to look greasy on me and break apart on my face, but this little lady stays put from 4pm and still looks flawless at 1am! It adheres to the skin like paint, and stays there until you take it off. It has great coverage without looking cakey and strikey. And its also buildable!! The only bad thing about this foundation is possibly the price tag ?? I got it for $60 but theres not even a single regret in my heart lol. But yeah, give it a try if you want to, or go on their website/store and get samples just to try it out (if its available)! This is perfect for those who have oily skin like me😄😊