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3 Most Common Nail Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid &How To Fix Them!
Since the pandemic started, I’ve had to do my own nails more often. My go-to nail salon has been closed for months. DIY manicures can be a little annoying if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’m telling you my mistakes so you can learn from what I did wrong. My Top 3 Nail Mistakes: 1. Only using one coat of polish I’m the first to admit it, I can be pretty lazy, but one coat of nail polish just doesn’t cut it. I know doing two coats takes more effort and adds to the drying time, but it’s so worth it in the end. 2. Not focusing enough on nail care Nail care is a game-changer! You need to buff, file, and cut your nails before applying polish to get the best results. Buffing really helps smooth out any ridges or inconsistencies on the nail bed. 3. Using a bad top & base coat Do you know that glossy top coat you get from at salons that makes your nails look super shiny and perfect? I didn’t use to care about which base or topcoat I used. I would just use the cheapest one available at the drug store. What a mistake! My Must-Try Nail Products: ●     Seche Vite Base & Top Coat - The Sechevete base and top coats give you that salon-worthy shine you want from a DIY mani. Plus, it helps dry the nails super fast so you can get on with your day! ●     Nail Buff - This thing was only $1, and it’s helped transform the way I give myself manicures! ●     A glass nail file - Did you know glass nail filers are supposed to be healthier for your natural nails? The Final Look I did this fun look for the 4th of July! I filed and buffed my nails with the white buffer and topped them with two coats of my favorite nail polishes by Essie!