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Me + My Nightime Routine
I've been into skincare for a few years already, and I've found that this routine has really worked for me! The The Ordinary - Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% and VitaminSea.beauty - Sea Kelp & Hyaluronic Acid Bouncy Sleep Mask are both new but they've worked well so far. Every night: Wash off all the gross oil and grime with Incredible BY NATURE - African Black Soap . Note that this ACTUAL black african soap, not the stuff that Shea Moisture sells. Black african soap help to get the skin squeaky clean, and I've also found that when you first start using it it literally sloughs off dead skin. Just be careful if you start using it as it can definitely be rough on dry or sensitive skin. Also, do not put the bar directly on your skin! It contains pieces that could tear skin when rubbed: lather in your hands or on a brush first. To help soften the skin and soothe any irritation, I double wash with BURT’S BEES - BURT‘S BEES Sensitive Facial Cleanser . If you have sensitive or irritated skin, this is the stuff! It is a nice, creamy texture, almost like lotion. A little goes a long way, especially if you put it on dry like I do. Its also helpful in letting me know if I'm over exfoliating/cleansing with other products, because it will slightly sting if I am. This stuff is super nice and also pretty inexpensive (only around $12-13 for 6 oz) for what it offers. A must have if you have dryness or irration.  I've only just started using the The Ordinary - Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% , so I can't say much, but I've only heard good things, and I haven't noticed any issues my self. I apply it in the PM, and use Vitamin C in the AM. ANDALOU NATURALS - Q10 Night Repair Cream I really feel like this stuff moisturizes well. It's definitely a PM only for me though, as it tend to pill up if I use too many other products like SPF. I also like to sometimes put some Vaseline - 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly, Original on top of it to help keep it from pilling, as sometimes the niacinamide serum can do that. But this stuff definitely leaves my skin feeling soft and protected, and I would definitely buy again. Every 2-3 days VitaminSea.beauty - Sea Kelp & Hyaluronic Acid Bouncy Sleep Mask is a really nice sleep mask. Hyaluronic acid leaves skin moisturized, while the sea kelp extract keeps you glowy! Just make sure to put it on a bit before bed, as it can make your pillow a bit greasy if it doesn't dry enough first. This has helped me look just a bit fresher in the morning when I get up, which is helpful when I don't have to wash my face as I don't wear make up. Once A Week My skin can only take The Ordinary - AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution once a week at most! I tried using it twice a week but that was just way too hard on my skin. The black african soap is exfoliatianting enough between treatments.


Need a touch of the Sea?
Need a touch of the Sea?
VitaminSea.beauty is here to provide just that! This company takes all the best nutrients of the sea and bundles it in a very clean and refreshing skin care line. The Blue Sea Kale and Grapefruit face mask is extraordinary deep pore exfoliating mask. Sea Kale has antioxidants to cleanse your skin of harmful molecules. Adding grapefruit to the mask helps with Wrinkles, discoloration, and dullness giving the skin an illuminated glow. Using the mask is very simple, apply a thin layer to the skin and leave for 10 mins. After just wash with warm water and it’s also perfectly safe to wash down the drain. Recommend? Yes. It’s a very affordable brand that can be found at Ulta. With all the benefits of the sea included, it’s hard to go wrong. Downside? Those with sensitive skin should take caution; acidic fruits, such as the grapefruit can be an irritant for some sensitive skin. As a sensitive skin person myself I don’t have a problem but it may be different for others. I mainly suggest not to use the mask after a day out in the sun if you may have a sunburn on your face. What are your thoughts on the Blue Sea Kale and Grapefruit face mask?? If there is anything you’d like a review of just send me a message! Thanks Loves!
Deep Pore Exfoliating Face Mask
VitaminSea.beauty-Deep Pore Exfoliating Face Mask